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Electric Propagators & Propagation Essentials

Made in England by Greenhouse Sensation
Our award-winning Vitopod heated propagators and Hydropod cuttings propagators have been designed by Greenhouse Sensation to provide the best start for your seeds, cuttings and young plants. Expertly designed and extensively tested by our horticulturists and made by us in Lancashire to last.

There is nothing more satisfying or rewarding than propagating plants from seeds or cuttings and propagation from seed is far more cost effective than buying plants.

Whether you are looking for a heated electric propagator for seeds, a cuttings propagator or an unheated small propagator we have a product to meet your needs.

When looking for a propagator you need to consider how much space you will need for your seeds.

Do you need a heated propagator?

For the best propagation results choose a heated electric propagator. The best electric propagators have a variable thermostat so that you can set the propagator to the correct temperature for your seeds. The Vitopod heated propagator has a variable thermostat. A heated electric propagator is best for starting seeds off early, before temperatures are at the level required for seed germination. They also enable you to propagate seeds in a greenhouse or polytunnel because they will keep the seeds at a stabletemperature. If you choose an electric propagator that does not have a variable thermostat the propagator will generally raise the tempertaure by 8 - 12C no matter what the outside temperature is.

Advantages of an unheated propagator

If you are happy to start your seeds in your house away you can use an unheated propagator. These propagators get seeds off to a better start than just starting seeds in trays on a windowsill because the lid traps the warm air that seeds need for germination and prevents draughts from causing severe changes in temperature.

How large a propagator do you need?

If you are investing in a propagator make sure that you buy one large enough for your needs. Consider the height of the lid and how many seed trays or pots you can fit into the propagator.

Propagator Ventilation

Many people forget to consider ventilation when selecting a propagator. This is important whether you are buying a top of the range heated propagator or a beginner's unheated propagator. Look out for large vents that you can open to allow airflow, seedlings will transpire (release water) and if the propagator vents are not large enough the water released by the seedlings will produce too muchy humidity and the seedlings will dampen off and rot.

If you are propagating cuttings, they can they can be propagated in pots of gritty compost. To really improve your cuttings success rate you might chose to try our electric Hydropod Propagator. This misting soil-less cuttings propagator is used by professionals to go from cutting to transplanting in just 10-14 days.

Sowing seeds

Sow thin rows of seeds in the seed tray without seeds touching each other, just put some in your hand and sprinkle in the seed tray in your propagator. Sow large seeds individually. Put a few at a time in your hand and place the seeds at intervals along the row.

Don’t sow seeds too close together but you will need to sow more seeds than you need in your propagator because some seeds may not germinate.

After sowing the seeds, cover with finely sieved compost to the same depth as the length of your seeds e.g. if your seeds are 1cm diameter, cover with 1 – 1.5cm of sieved compost. Level the compost out so that the seed is in contact with the compost a tamper is handy for this.

Place seed trays or pots in a Vitopod heated electric Propagator and set the temperature indicated on your seed packet. Depending on how warm your propagator is, you may need to water the compost before seeds emerge, take care not to over-heat.


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  • Vitopod Heated Propagator with Digital Thermostat - Standard Single Height £112.00

    Vitopod Heated Propagators with Thermostat

    Price From: £112.00

    "Nominated Most Innovative Product" Great British Growing Awards

    Get seeds & cuttings off to the best start with our award-winning, height adjustable propagator, that's also a coldframe & mini greenhouse in one.

    Discover why this precision propagator with digital thermostat controller is our best-seller. Accurate to within 1°C and with a range of 5°to 30°C

    Standard 50w: L56cm x W55cm  |  Deluxe 100w: L111cm x W58cm

  • Hydropod Cuttings Propagator for 40 Plant Cuttings from £64.00

    Hydropod Cuttings Propagator

    Price From: £54.00

    "Constantly surpassed my expectations year after year" Dean Finley

    For softwood and hardwood cuttings
    This excellent propagator mists the base of cuttings to reduce the risk of damping-off, drying-out and fungal infections and to speed up growth.

    As used by many commercial nurseries because of the increase in propagation success rates and it's certainly a hit with our customers.

  • Paper Potter Small

    Seedling Pot Maker

    Price: £9.95

    Make seedling pots from old newspaper with this potter and save a small fortune. 

    To pot-on simply plant the whole paper pot into the larger pot or in the ground and the paper will biodegrade.

    The Paper Potter comes boxed with full instructions. Making the pots is a little bit addictive!

    Makes pots 4cm wide and up to 5cm deep.

  • Allotment essential - seed sowing hopper

    Seed Sowing Hopper

    Price: £27.00

    This back-saving machine sows vegetable seeds accurately without you having to bend. 

    Fill the hopper with seeds, select the sowing depth and distance, and walk down your vegetable patch pushing the light hopper along.

    Dimensions: L39.5cm

  • Paper Potter Large

    Plant Pot Maker - Large

    Price: £14.95

    Make pots from newspaper with this handy tool. It's perfect for larger seeds and seedlings. 

    To pot-on simply plant the whole paper pot into a larger pot or in the ground and the paper will biodegrade.

    This potter makes 7cm pots. Boxed with instructions.

  • Seed Packets Storage Tin - £18.90

    Seed Storage Tins

    Price: £18.90

    Seeds last longer when properly stored, so organise your seed collection in this sturdy seed organiser tin.

    Includes monthly dividers, pencils and five seed envelopes.

    Available in Burgundy & Blue

    Dimensions: W28cm x D20cm x H16cm

  • Pack of 25 x Organic Pots

    25 x Organic Seedling Pots

    Price: £3.90

    Give seedlings a healthier start with these biodegradable pots made from coconut fibre.

    These pots provide roots with much better access to oxygen than plastic pots and when it's time to pot-on simply place the fibre pot into the ground or larger pot and it will biodegrade.

    Dimensions: Diameter 8cm x Depth 6cm

  • Pack of 10 Long-life Eco Plant Pots 1 Litre

    Eco Plant Pots - Pack of 10

    Price: £4.95

    Pack of 10 Long Life Eco Plant pots.

    These eco-pots are a green alternative to plastic pots. 

    The pots are made from the outer husks of rice and other grains which would otherwise be discarded.

    Eco pots can be used for 2 - 3 years because they are coated with a vegetable varnish that prevents them from degrading whilst in use.

  • Plant Labels - Pack of 5

    Reusable Plant Labels x5

    Price: £4.95

    Each pack saves 50 plastic cups from landfill!

    These incredibly durable and great looking plant labels are made from recycled plastic cups.

    We include a wax pencil so you can reuse the labels year after year. 

    Labels are 150mm long x 23mm wide.

  • Pack of 50 wooden seedling labels

    Wooden Seedling Labels - Pack of 50

    Price: £4.00

    These wooden seedling labels are a handy length with space to include the variety, source and sowing date. 

    To re-use either use pencil which can be erased or use a Biro and lightly sand paper to re-use them. Alternatively pop them on the compost heap and they will biodegrade. 

    Pack of 50x 14cm long wooden labels.

  • Compost Scoop

    Compost Scoop

    Price: £9.95

    Voted Amateur Gardening Best Buy
    Scoop compost in style and avoid dirty fingernails with this Sheffield steel compost scoop which was voted Amateur Gardening Best Buy.

    The curved scoop prevents spillages and it is made from rust resistant galvanised steel

    Dimensions: L30cm

  • Award Winning Seed Sowing Sieve - £11.95

    Garden Sieve

    Price: £11.95

    Amateur Gardening Best Buy, use this Garden Sieve to give your seeds the best start by covering them with a fine tilth. 4mm galvanised mesh with plywood rim.

    Dimensions: Base diameter 20cm, height 7cm.

  • Light Hangers for Propagation Lights - Pair

    Light Hangers (pair)

    Price: £9.00

    Secure your propagation lights with this pair of heavy-duty hangers, suitable for lights weighing up to 68kgs (or 34kg per hanger if use separately). Use the ratchet switch to adjust the length of cable to move lights closer or further away from your plants. Supplied with secure carabineer-style hooks.

    The pair of hanger hooks can hold lights weighing 68kg (34kg per hook). Adjustable length up to 2 metres.

  • Sunblaster T5 Propagation Lights

    Propagation Lights - SunBlaster

    Price From: £28.99

    Sunblaster propagation lights are highly efficient and use 50% less energy than a standard fluorescent lamp.

    Seeds will get off to a great start and these lights can also be used to provide extra light in autumn to encourage crops to ripen. 

    Available in 2 sizes:
    60cm / 24watts  |  90cm / 39watts

  • Transplanter - Burgon and Ball


    Price: £9.95

    Plant at the right depth every time with this tool which features handy depth markings.

    The neck is forged at the optimum angle for digging.

  • Jiffy Propagation Pellets

    Propagation Pellets Jiffy Coir

    Price From: £2.50

    Used by professional horticulturalists and gardeners for over 50 years, Jiffy Pellets have a loyal following and are one of the simplest ways to raise seeds and cuttings.

    When the roots have grown through the Jiffy pellet your plant is ready to be potted-on as you would if you had sown your seeds in soil.

    Our Jiffy 7 Coir Pellets are peat free.

  • Root Riot Cubes - 24 Pack

    Organic Seed Cubes

    Price: £7.00

    Pack of 24 Organic Seed Starter Cubes

    These organic seed starter cubes are a great alternative to potting compost.

    The cubes retain excellent air to water ratio and contain micro nutrients to nourish the young plants and a fungi that encourages root development. 

  • Rootrainers


    Price: £8.99

    Rootrainers help you to grow healthy plants with strong roots that are long and straight. They prevent roots from twisting and kinking.

    You can even open the Rootrainers and check the progress of your plants without disturbing them.

  • Digital Greenhouse Thermometer & Hygrometer - £10.95

    Thermometer & Hygrometer

    Price: £10.95

    This accurate greenhouse thermometer monitors and records minimum and maximum temperature and humidity levels so that you can ensure your plants don’t succumb to frost damage.

    Records temperatures from minus 10˚C to plus 50˚C and displays ˚C and ˚F.

  • Large Wall Thermometer

    Large Wall Thermometer

    Price: £9.00

    Displays temperatures from -40˚C to +50˚C

    This large scale thermometer makes reading the temperature easy, whether it is wall mounted outdoors or kept in your greenhouse. Perfect for use indoors or outdoors.

    Size: 37cm long

  • 12x Seed Trays

    Seed Trays

    Price From: £1.50

    These good quality half-seed trays, can be used time and time again. The drainage holes help to prevent waterlogging.
    A seed sowing essential.

  • Burgon & Ball Square Tamper £6.95

    Seed Sowing Tamper

    Price: £6.95

    When sowing seeds make level your compost with this tamper to improve germination by removing air pockets and ensuring the seeds are in contact with the compost. 

    Hand crafted from FSC beech wood. Base 8cm x 8cm.

  • Paper Potter Patter

    Paper Patter

    Price: £4.95

    For use with the Paper Potters. Once you've made your paper pots and filled them, use the double-ended Paper Patter to firm the compost whichever size potter you have used.

    Includes full instructions.

    Dimensions: L 12cm x D 6cm

  • Soil pH Meter - testing the pH level of soil

    Soil pH Meter

    Price: £9.45

    Pop this probe into your soil and the display will tell you the pH. This handy meter includes a booklet that outlines the ideal pH level for a variety of plants.

  • Deluxe Soil pH Meter - testing the pH level of soil

    Deluxe Soil pH Meter

    Price: £16.00

    Instantly check the pH levels of your soil with this Deluxe Soil pH Meter. Pop the probe into your soil and the pH level will be displayed.

    The Deluxe Soil pH Meter can be clipped to a belt and has a flexible cable. Includes an easy guide to pH.

  • Soil Test Kit - soil testing kit for gardeners

    Soil Test Kit

    Price: £15.95

    Test pH, phosphorous, nitrogen and potash levels in your soil, so you can decide which plants are suited to your soil. 

    Take a sample of soil, mix with water and add the kit's testing liquid or powder, shake and watch the colour develop.

    Includes equipment for approx. 60 tests

  • Seed Sowing Dibber £6.00

    Seed Sowing Dibber

    Price: £6.00

    A great gift for anyone who grows from seed. The seed dibber has markings every 1cm to make it easy to sow seeds to the right depth so that more of them germinate. Made from hand turned beech wood from FSC certified forests. Length 18cm

    "Improve your chances for successful germination." Grow Your Own Magazine

  • Deluxe Soil Test Kit for gardeners

    Deluxe Soil Test Kit

    Price: £27.95

    This Soil Test Kit has everything you need to test the nutrient levels in your soil.

    Includes test equipment for pH, nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium plus a guide about what to do if there are deficiencies in the soil.

    The kit includes equipment for approx. 50 tests.

    Case Dimensions: L25cm x W18cm x D4cm.

  • Stainless steel dibber

    Steel Planting Dibber

    Price: £14.95

    Plant bulbs in double-quick time with this fabulous dibber which glides effortlessly into all soil types.

    The tapered shape, pointed tip and clever weighting make it a pleasure to use!

    Dimensions: Overall length 27cm.

  • Planting Line -allotments & gardens

    Planting Line

    Price: £14.95

    Plant-out in a straight line with this traditional 20 metre planting line.

    Push the two posts into the ground and unwind the 20 metres of natural jute twine to guide your seed sowing and planting.

  • Allotment essential - Seed Spacing Rule

    1 metre Seed Spacing Rule

    Price: £18.90

    Sow your seeds at the correct spacing with this great ruler which has evenly spaced and marked holes for different veg along its length.

    Your seeds will be correctly spaced without having to consult a planting manual and they'll be in a straight line so your plot will be the envy of all.

    Metric and imperial markings.

  • Heated Electric Windowsill Propagator 13W

    7 Lid Window Propagator 13W

    Price: £30.00

    This compact electric propagator is ideal for windowsills. The 7 mini propagators sit on a base that will increase the compost temperature to 8°C above the room temperature. 

    Dimensions: L76.5cm x W18.5cm x H15cm

  • Heated Windowsill Propagator - 50W

    4 Lid Propagator - 50W

    Price: £45.00

    This 50 Watt small electric propagator has a heated base with 4 independent propagators with small vents in the lids. The heated base maintains a temperature of 19°C.

    Dimensions: L59.5cm x W41cm 50 watts

  • Electric Windowsill Propagator - 50W

    3 Lid Propagator - 50W

    Price: £53.00

    This space efficient 50 Watt electric propagator has 3 propagators which sit on a heated base. The inbuilt fixed temperature thermostat maintains a compost temperature of 19°C.

    Handy for use on a table top.

    Dimensions: L80.5cm x W41cm x H20cm

  • Trio Top Electric Windowsill Propagator 10w

    3 Lid Window Propagator 10W

    Price: £33.00

    This compact electric windowsill propagator has 3 propagators which sit on a heated base designed to increase the ambient compost temperature by around 8°C

    Dimensions: L76cm x W18.5cm

  • Maxibright T5 Propagation Light 59cm

    Propagation Lights

    Price From: £85.00

    Start your seeds off early with a T5 propagation light. They provide an even spread of light, with low energy use and low heat output.

    The blue-white colour light spectrum produced by the bulbs is ideal for propagation & vegetative plant growth

    Includes 5 year guarantee.

    Available in 2 sizes:
    Small: L59cm x W37cm x D6cm
    Large: L120cm x W40cm x D6cm

  • Reflective Sheeting

    Propagation Reflective Sheeting

    Price: £25.00

    Give your seeds and cuttings the best start by maximising the amount of light available to your plants with this ultra-safe high performance reflective sheeting.

  • Vitopod Mini Greenhouse - Overwintering Plants

    Vitopod Layers

    Price From: £30.00

    Add extra height extensions to transform your Vitopod propagator into a mini greenhouse for hardening-off young plants and overwintering exotics. 

    Each height extension gives your plants an extra 15cms of space. A 3 layer Vitopod is 55cms tall. 

  • Vitopod Propagator Lid (Pack of 1) £15.00

    Vitopod Propagator Lid

    Price: £15.00

    Our Vitopod Propagator lids large vents will provide superior humidity control, so your plants don't suffer from damping off and will keep your compost warm to get your seeds & cuttings off to a great head start.

    Made from a robust acrylic and are treated to protect them against the UV deterioration, preventing the lid turning yellow & brittle.

  • 20 mesh pots for Hydropod Propagator

    20 Small Mesh pots for Hydropod

    Price: £2.40

    Pack of 20 replacement mesh pots for Hydropod cuttings propagator. Please note mesh pots are not essential with new Hydropod design.

  • Replacement Sponge Disks for Hydropod

    10 Sponge Disks For Hydropod

    Price: £3.24

    Prepare your Hydropod for the next cuttings season with this pack of 10 replacement sponge discs. Specially designed to gently hold your cuttings in place whilst your cuttings roots develop.

  • hydor 100w heater - for Hydropod, Hydrogrow NFT & Vivigrow

    Heater for 120 plant Hydropod, Vivigrow and NFT Hydrogrow

    Price: £29.00

    Heater for 120 plant Hydropod, 5 plant Vivigrow and GS200 NFT Hydrogrow

  • Vitopod Unheated Propagator - Standard Double Height - £56.00

    Vitopod Unheated Mini Greenhouse

    Price From: £39.99

    Protect seedlings and young plants in the Vitopod mini greenhouse until the weather warms up.

    This Vitopod gradually hardens plants to the conditions of the garden, greenhouse or polytunnel so they don’t suffer from the shock of sudden exposure to cooler temperatures. It’s useful if you use a small propagator, raise seeds in the house, or buy plants from a garden centre.

    Standard: 56cm x 58cm    Deluxe: 111cm x 58cm

  • Nutrigrow Nutrients - Plant Feed


    Price From: £2.00

    Our 2.5litre bottles of nutrients make 416 litres (91.5 gallons) of diluted feed. Nutrigrow super-concentrated feed is perfect for veg plants and ornamentals and it improves the health, speed of growth and flower/fruit production of plants in pots, grow bags, borders and hanging baskets.

  • Rockwool Propagation cubes

    Rockwool Propagation Cubes

    Price From: £2.46

    Rockwool propagation cubes are an alternative to soil for those transplanting onto a Vivigrow planter.

  • 12x Seed Pots

    Seed Pots

    Price From: £1.70

    These 9cm pots are perfect for sowing seeds and can be used time and time again.

    The 6 drainage holes prevent compost water logging and the wide base provides extra stability.

    Can be used with Greenhouse Sensation Propagators & Grow kits.

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