Our Vegetable growing kits have been designed to make growing your own fresh veg easier. Whether you’re a newbie to ‘Grow Your Own’ or a green-fingered gardener our growing kits have been cleverly designed to ensure you get bigger harvests of your favourite tomatoes, chillies, herbs & other vegetables. Whether you’re growing you’re growing on a windowsill, patio or in a greenhouse we have a growing kit to suit all spaces.

There’s nothing more satisfying the watching the first seedlings appear when growing your own vegetables and salads. It’s even better when you get your first taste of a home grown tomatoes or fresh salad. Our Greenhouse Sensation Gardening Angels have put together some brilliant growing kits, which have been specifically designed for you to grow stronger, healthier plants which will produce bigger harvests of your favourite produce.

Beginners Growing Kits

As a gardening newbie, it can be quite daunting growing your own fruit & vegetables. Our Gardening Angels have put together a range of beginners gardening kits, making it easy and fuss free for new gardeners to grow their own vegetables including chillies, tomatoes, aubergines and herbs right from seed through to harvests. Praised by City Planter Magazine “a good way to start growing”, our GardenPop growing kits and Naked Herb growing kits are a great introduction into growing your own and include an easy to follow, step by step guide.

Tomato Growing Kits

If growing tomatoes is your speciality, then take a look at our tomato growing kits. The type of tomatoes you decide to grow really depends on the taste and textures you like. It is important to make sure the tomato variety you pick is suited to your growing space. Read our tomato growing guide to learn more.

If you are growing in a greenhouse or on a patio, then you will love our Quadgrow tomato growing kit. The Quadgrow is our best-selling planter and you can achieve 2x bigger harvests of strong healthy tomato plants compared to when growing tomatoes in grow bags. Even better, the Quadgrow will keep your tomato plants perfectly fed and watered for up to 10 days, so perfect if you are going away on holiday. If you fancy an extra treat then take a look at our ultimate tomato growing kit which includes are best-selling Quadgrow Holiday Proof planter, tomato seeds and seed sowing essentials. The great thing about our Quadgrow planter is its also great for growing other tall cropping vegetables including beans, chillies and aubergines.

Chilli Growing Kits

Chillies are one of our favourite edibles to grow so we are a little biased here. Our Gardening Angels have worked with Chilli growing experts to develop our brilliant range of chilli growing kits. These easy to use growing kits are a firm favourite with our customers, within the chilli growing community and with professional chilli growers. Our Ultimate Chilli Growing Kit is a great treat for chilli lovers which includes our Chilligrow Chilli planter which keeps your chilli plants watered for up to 2 weeks at a time and a chilli seed starter kit which includes seeds specially selected from Matt Simpson at Simpsons Seeds.

Make sure you choose the right varieties of chilli plants to grow for your growing space and location. Small varieties such as Apache are perfect for growing at home on a windowsill but if you are lucky enough to have a little extra space such as a greenhouse then the world is your oyster when it comes to choice of chilli variety selection. Learn more with our Chilli growing guide and get started with our own chilli garden.

Patio Vegetable Growing Kits

Our Gardening Angels have designed our Patio Vegetable Growing Kits to help edible gardeners make the most of their gardening space. We have a brilliant range of patio growing kits designed to help you grow all your favourite fruit and vegetables on your patio or balcony growing space. If you’re short on space then our Instant Patio Vegetable growing kit is the perfect addition to your growing space. This vegetable growing kit includes Aubergine, Pepper & Bean seeds, seed starter equipment and beautifully coloured plant pots.

Or why not think out our holiday proof Duogrow planter. We love growing our own chillies and tomatoes in the Duogrow planter and we wont be worrying our watering our plants on the patio this growing season as the Duogrow’s self-watering reservoir will keep your favourite vegetables perfectly fed and watered for up to 2 weeks at a time. For the best of both worlds our Mini Allotment planter combines our best-selling Quadgrow planter with a central planter perfect from growing salads including lettuce, radish and spring onions.

Herb Growing Kits

Create your own herb garden with our herb growing kits. Growing your own herbs is a great way to get into growing your own and it’s perfect if you’re short of space. You can grow your own herbs on your kitchen windowsill, balcony or in your gardening with our simple to use herb growing kits and herb planters.

When growing your own herbs, choose varieties which will grow well together. Learn more in our herb growing guide. Our Naked Herbs Growing Kit includes everything you need to grow your own herb from seed right through to harvests. This handy herb growing kit includes coriander, basil and thyme seeds, pots, plant labels, herb seed starter discs and a handy step by step guide.

If you’re looking for a solution to watering your herb plants then our Herbgrow Herb planter could be the solution for you. Our Herb Planter will keep your herb plants watered for up to 2 weeks at a time so there’s no more coming home to wilted or parched herb plants or even over watered herbs. This balanced herb watering system means that the Herbgrow will produce bigger, healthier and better tasting herb plants.

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