Aphid Control

Keep your plants aphid free with our hand-picked insect control essentials. From natural aphid predators to pest fumers and protective insect netting.

Aphids can infest your plants at any time of the season. You can normally spot aphids on your plants as they look like white flecks and usually gather around the shoot, tips, flower buds or young leaves. An easy solution would be to spray these pests with a weak soap solution.

Alternatively, you can spray your fruit and vegetable plants with an All Natural Insect Killer. Our Natural Bug Killer contains Pyrethrins which disable the insects nervous system and fatty acids which break for the insects cell membranes without leaving any unhealthy residues on your plants.

You can also introduce natural predators of Aphids to your garden or plot such as Ladybirds and hoverflies. You can attract them to your garden by planting marigolds and other bright flowers around your plants. Our Lacewings & Ladybird houses are perfect for attracting beneficial insects to your growing area. They will repay you by preying on aphids, thrips, red spider mite and moth eggs.

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  • Natural Multi-Purpose Concentrated Bug Killer -  £14.95

    Bug Killer Concentrate

  • Natural Greenhouse Smoke Fumer - Pest Control - £6.95

    Garlic Pest Smoker

  • Pest & Insect Control Micromesh Net - £17.99

    Insect Netting

  • Cabbage Collars

    Cabbage Collars x 30

  • Greenhouse Sticky Fly Trap Insect Catcher

    Sticky Traps

  • Savon Noir Liquide Eco Gardener's Soap - From £8.50

    Gardener's Soap

  • Grow Your Own Ladybirds Kit - £24.99

    Grow Your Own Ladybirds

  • Giant Vegetable Fleece Growing Tunnel - £24.99

    3 Metre Net Grow Tunnel

  • 2x Fruit Tree Sleeves

    2x Fruit Tree Sleeves


15 Item(s)

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