Frost Protection For Plants

Protect prized plants from damaging frosts with our specially designed frost protection fleeces & plant protection jackets. Thick enough to protect your plants from low temperatures whilst allowing air, light and moisture through to ensure healthy plant growth.

Effects of Plant Frost Damage

It is important to protect plants from frost. Frost causes the water in plant cells to freeze, damaging the cell wall, matters are even worse when plants face the morning sun as this causes them to defrost quickly, rupturing their cell walls.

When plants are damaged by frost they look limp and blackened. Evergreen plants will turn brown and the leaves of tender plants may appear translucent. Even hardy plants and tough evergreens can be damaged by prolonged severe cold when soil becomes frozen. This is because the roots are unable to take up water and the plants die from lack of moisture.

Protecting Fruit Trees From Frost

Nectarine and fig trees will struggle in freezing weather. These can be protected by wrapping plant protection fleece around the crown of the tree and tying in place with rope. Wrapping the fleece in this way will trap air around the crown which is warmed through the day by the sun, keeping the crown a couple of degrees warmer than if it wasn't protected.

Ideally, frost fleece should not touch the foliage directly. Anchor the edges of the fleece down with pegs to keep the warmth radiated by the soil from escaping.

Minimising Plant Frost Damage

Gardening frost protection fleece, also known as Horticultural Fleece is particularly useful for protecting fruit trees, shrubs from frost and for warming soil in raised beds and veg plots ahead of sowing seeds or planting. At 35gsm our heavy duty frost protection fleece is double the thickness of most frost fleece, providing protection against lower temperatures. Place frost fleece around palms and other non-hardy plants. In spring also protect the buds on fruit trees with horticultural frost fleece.

Plant fleece jackets are useful for protecting plants in pots from frost damage. Our plant fleece jackets are extra thick but still allow moisture and air to permeate so that plants remain healthy although they are protected from frost and cold all through the winter.

Not only will they protect your plants from frost but during the summer months diffuses strong sunlight to prevent your plants from being scorched and is permeable enough to allow sunlight, air and moisture to maintain healthy growth.

Our Top Plant Frost Protection Tips:

  • Choose sheltered spots for tender plants, large trees and walls can provide some heat and protection from frost and bitter winds during the winter.
  • Don't prune the old growth of tender plants in late autumn or winter. This will help to protect the central crown of the plant and take the brunt of any frost damage
  • Frost Fleece is very useful for plants that are trained against walls or growing in the open ground.
  • Cloches are useful for placing over plants.
  • Place mulch around the bases of evergreen plants.
  • Grow tender plants in pots so that they can be moved indoors.
  • Protect the crowns of ferns and insulate their trunks by wrapping them in layers of fleece.
  • Protect palms by wrapping the trucks in layers of frost protection fleece and by tying their leaves into bunches, to protect their crowns.

When frost is forecast covering your plants retains soil heat and moisture and protects them against strong winds, which can hasten drying and cooling.

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