Small Greenhouses & Cloches

Whether you’re brand new to the world of gardening or want to expand your enthusiastic growing range already, we have plenty of different styles of small greenhouses and cloches in stock to suit all levels. So no matter what size space you have available, there’s no excuse now not to get those green fingers twitching! They even make the perfect present for a budding gardener in your love; someone who’s desperate to start their horticultural journey. Take a look at our collection today!

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  • Large Cloche

    Large Cloche

  • Culticave UV Stabilised Patio Greenhouse - £49.95

    Patio Greenhouse

  • 180° Growing Dome - Mini Polytunnel & Cloche in one

    Growing Dome/Cloche

  • Large 90° Wall-Mounted Folding Greenhouse - Protective Cover & Coldframe

    Wall-Mounted Greenhouse

  • Vitopod Unheated Mini Greenhouse

    Vitopod Unheated Mini Greenhouse

  • Small Wall-Mounted Greenhouse

    Small Wall-Mounted Greenhouse

  • Culticave Patio Greenhouse With Self-Watering Quadgrow Planter £79.95 - Vegetable Planters

    Patio Greenhouse with Planter


13 Item(s)

per page