Insect & Garden Pest Control

Protect plants from slugs, aphids and more with our pest control essentials. From Insect sticky traps to Organic Slug Pellets.

Why not try attracting some natural predators to your garden, greenhouse and polytunnel & they’ll repay you by preying on aphids, thrips, red spider mite & moth eggs.

Heavy rain & warm weather creates the perfect conditions for slugs. Slugs are resistant creatures capable of surviving harsh environments before breeding. If you want these pesky slugs to go and munch somewhere else then try Slug Gone Organic Slug pellets. An effective deterrent to stop slugs in their tracks, made from British Wool. Slug Gone is also perfect for organic gardeners as it contains no harmful chemicals and is safe for animals to form a barrier around your veg plots and garden borders.

The slug pellets expand when wetted to form a felt like blanket like barrier which won’t wash away. This then deters the slugs by pulling the slime off the slug’s foot so the slugs have to go off and find easier feeding elsewhere. The wool fibre’s fine scales. Small barbs and abrasive particles make the pellets gritty, forming an abrasive and irritating barrier that slugs won’t cross.

An added bonus is that the phosphates, potash and nitrate which naturally occur in the wool act as a slow release fertiliser nourishing your soil and the wool acts as a weed suppressing, moisture retaining mulch. This also thwarts off other bugs from laying their eggs at the plant base of plants and the resulting larvae hatching out. The Slug Gone Slug Pellets remain effective for 12 months after wetting, after which they begin to biodegrade and nourish your soil.

Our habitats such as the Ladybird and Lacewing Log and Bee and Bug House are designed to make your garden or veg plot attractive to these beneficial insects. Investing in a wildlife habitat for the ladybirds, lacewings, bumblebees and butterflies which frequent your garden will reap dividends in the long run. There'll be less forking out on sprays, traps and other pest control products and no more creeping round the garden after dark on a slug hunt, as your pest-guzzling friends, grateful for their des-res, will do the dirty work for you.

Attracting ladybirds and lacewing to your garden or veg plot is a highly effective means of protecting against greenfly, aphids, red spider mite and mealy bugs. A lacewing can consume 50 greenfly/aphids every day, a ladybird can eat over 4,000 aphids and lay 1,500 eggs in its lifetime - so it's easy to see how attracting them can control pests!

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  • Pest & Insect Control Micromesh Net - £17.99

    Insect Netting

  • Slug Gone - Organic Slug Control Pellets - £7.95

    Organic Slug Gone Pellets

  • Giant Vegetable Fleece Growing Tunnel - £24.99

    3 Metre Net Grow Tunnel

  • Award Winning Bee & Bug House - From £16.00

    Bee & Ladybird Houses

  • Bio Control Whitefly 1,500

    Bio Control Whitefly 1,500

  • Ladybird Tower - Home For Ladybirds & Insects - £12.00

    Ladybird Tower

  • Lacewing & Ladybird Insect House - £25.50

    Ladybird Log

  • Lacewing Attractor Food

    Lacewing Attractor Food

  • Cabbage Collars

    Cabbage Collars x 30


20 Item(s)

per page