Insect & Garden Pest Control

Using organic ingredients is a safe and natural method of garden pest control. From sticky traps to organic pellets, there are plenty of environmentally-friendly options out there that’ll help to nourish and feed your soil once they’re done protecting your plants. Some of our tools go even further down the organic route and can actually help encourage more natural predators into your garden, who will repay you by feasting on aphids, thrips, red spider mite and moth eggs. Did you know that a lacewing can consume 50 green flies or aphids a day? And a ladybird can eat more than 4,000! Encouraging natural wildlife never looked so beneficial!

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  • Pest & Insect Control Micromesh Net - £17.99

    Insect Netting

  • Slug Gone - Organic Slug Control Pellets - £7.95

    Organic Slug Gone Pellets

  • Giant Vegetable Fleece Growing Tunnel - £24.99

    3 Metre Net Grow Tunnel

  • Lacewing Attractor Food

    Lacewing Attractor Food

  • Cabbage Collars

    Cabbage Collars x 30

  • 2x Fruit Tree Sleeves

    2x Fruit Tree Sleeves


19 Item(s)

per page