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Greenhouse Thermometers

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  • Thermometer and Hygrometer - Greenhouse Thermometer - £10.95

    Thermometer & Hygrometer

    Price: £10.95

    This accurate digital greenhouse thermometer monitors and records the minimum and maximum temperature and humidity levels of your greenhouse so that you ensure your plants don’t succumb to frost damage.

    Records temperatures from minus 10˚C to plus 50˚C and displays ˚C and ˚F.

  • Tube Thermometer - Slate £25.00

    Large Tube Thermometer

    Price: £25.00

    This large stylish thermometer is printed with big bold numbers in both Fahrenheit and Centigrade so that you can see the temperature at a quick glance. It makes a stunning focal point for the garden, greenhouse or porch. 

    Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The pre-drilled holes ensure easy attachment to your wall or fence.

    37cms long!

  • Digital Thermostat Controller

    Greenhouse Thermostat

    Price: £52.99

    Control heaters and fans with this digital thermostat controller.

    Simply plug the thermostat into your fan or heater, set the desired temperature of your greenhouse or polytunnel and the thermostat will switch the fan or heater on or off as required. The thermostat can control temperatures between 0-40°C with its easy to use touch controls.

    Features heating indicator and clear digital display. Compatible with heating and cooling appliances up to 3000W

  • Palma Electric Greenhouse Fan Heater

    Greenhouse Fan Heater

    Price From: £94.00

    Save £5.00: RRP £99.90

    This powerful electric fan heater distributes warm air quickly and efficiently to maintain the desired temperature without spending a fortune on energy bills. In the summer switch it to summer mode and it will circulate air to prevent mold and fungal growth.

    The heater has an internal thermostat and is very robust, approved for use in damp areas and is built from durable stainless steel.



  • Phoenix Electric Greenhouse Heater

    Electric Greenhouse Heater 2.8kw

    Price: £185.00

    Save £55, usual price £240!

    This powerful greenhouse heater and fan in-one will keep your greenhouse frost free during the colder months and circulate air to prevent fungal and mold growth during the summer.

    The thermostatic control has a range of 0°C to 26°C and has three power outputs 1kW, 1.8kW and 2.8kW, giving you superior control.

  • Large Wall Thermometer

    Large Wall Thermometer

    Price: £8.49

    Displays temperatures from -40˚C to +50˚C

    This large scale thermometer makes reading the temperature easy, whether it is wall mounted outdoors or kept in your greenhouse. Perfect for use indoors or outdoors.

    Size: 37cm long

  • Max-Min Thermometer - Mercury Free

    Maximum and Minimum Thermometer - Mercury Free

    Price: £15.00

    Display, monitor and record minimum and maximum temperatures

    Display, monitor and record the minimum and maximum temperatures with this thermometer. The mercury free design allows you to monitor the current temperature, and displays the minimum temperature on one gauge and the maximum temperature in centigrade on the other.

    Size: H22.5cm x W7cm

7 Item(s)

per page