Bug Hotels & Insect Houses

Protect your favourite plants from troublesome pests & encourage beneficial insects to your garden - it’s a win-win! By attracting natural predators, such as ladybirds and butterflies, to your garden they will repay you by preying on aphids, thrips, red spider mites, moth eggs and a whole host of other garden pests. Once you’ve drawn them in, you need to give them somewhere to stay, and that’s where our bug hotels and insect houses come in. They look fantastic and they do a great job at keeping this helpful critters safe and sound.

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  • Lacewing & Ladybird Insect House - £25.50

    Ladybird Log

  • Butterfly House from £18.00

    Butterfly House

  • Lacewing Attractor Food

    Lacewing Attractor Food

  • Insect Hotel - For Beneficial Bugs - £15.00

    Insect Hotel

  • Bumblebee Nester Kit & Mini Mammal Habitat - £40.00

    Bumblebee Nester

  • Bee Log House for Pollinating Bees £15.00

    Bee Log House


17 Item(s)

per page