Butterfly & Bee Houses

Butterflies and bees are wonderful little creatures, but they need our help. Fortunately there is plenty you can do to help attract them to your garden or plot with our hand-picked collection of habitats and food. In return they’ll repay you by munching on pests and pollinating your flowers, fruits and vegetables which increases production! To draw bees, wildflower seed packets are a great place to start, but they also love strawberries, apples, pumpkins and tomatoes to name a few. Butterflies love feeding stations and vitamin-enriched foods - so get planting!

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  • Beepol Villa + Bee Hive Voucher - £170.00

    New: Beepol Villa & Colony

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    Special Price £125.00

  • Award Winning Bee & Bug House - From £22.50

    Bee & Ladybird Houses

  • Bee Mix Seed Tin - £5.99

    Bee Mix Seed Tin


15 Item(s)

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