Wildlife Habitats & Feeders

A wildlife-rich garden is a real joy and when you help hedgehogs, bees, butterflies, ladybirds and wild birds thrive in your garden they will repay you by pollinating your plants and controlling unwanted pests. Our wildlife garden products have been extensively trialled by wildlife specialists.

Many native species of bee, butterfly and ladybird are sadly under threat, but whether you have a bijou balcony or a huge orchard you can do your bit to help increase their numbers again. To increase pollination attract bees and butterflies with our solitary bee logs, butterfly habitats and feeders, bee houses, wildflower packs and bee food.

Hedgehogs are very efficient at keeping slugs under control. A single hedgehog can eat 80 slugs in one night. Provide a hedgehog shelter such as the Hogitat or the impressive Hogilo to attarct hedgehogs to your garden and help them to survive.

To keep aphids, red spider mite and thrips at bay attract ladybirds and lacewings with our bee and bug house and attractant food. Our Ladybird and lacewing log even provides a safe, frost free and dry place for these beneficial insects to hibernate.

Our Beepol bumble bee hive makes it easy to benefit from a colony of bees – no bee suits or specialist equipment required. We even send you the bees. It isn’t your imagination, butterfly populations really have declined and many people don’t realise that butterflies are very important pollinators, so we need to ensure their survival for the benefit of our own food supply.

Our butterfly feeder and butterfly house are small enough for a balcony but are equally effective in a large veg garden or orchard. Siting a butterfly house or feeder near your plants will help you to attract butterflies. Butterflies need a good supply of nectar rich flowers, many of which are ideal for containers and window boxes, so even with a tiny balcony you can do your bit to boost the butterfly population.

Birds also need our help and the cabin nester lets you choose which bird species you want to attract thanks to its variable entrance size, and how about providing some extra tasty titbits for you’re your wild bird visitors with this apple feeder.

The Life Cycle of Your Bumble Bee Colony

Beepol Lodge & Colony FAQ

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  • Beepol Villia + Bee Hive Voucher - £170.00

    New: Beepol Villa & Colony

  • Cabin Nester - Bird Nesting Box - £19.99

    Bird Nesting Box

  • Bee Log House for Pollinating Bees £14.99

    Bee Log House

  • Bee & Bug Biome - Beneficial Wildlife Habitats - £21.99

    Bee and Ladybird House

  • Ladybird Attractor Food - £3.99

    Ladybird Attractor Food

  • Lacewing & Ladybird Insect House - £25.00

    Ladybird Log

  • Hogilo Hedgehog Home £42.00

    Hogilo Hedgehog House

  • Hedgehog Food

    Hedgehog Food

  • Butterfly food with vitamins - £3.99

    Butterfly Food

  • Butterfly Biome

    Butterfly House

  • Bat Box Habitat with Double Chamber - £25.95

    Double Bat Box

  • Conservation Bat Box - Wildlife World - £44.95

    Conservation Bat Box

  • Blue Bird nest Box - New England Bird Houses - £17.00

    Bird Box

  • Bird Feeder

    Bird Feeder

  • Eco Bird Feeder kit - £8.00 - (Available in Red Only)

    Bird Cake Kit

  • Bird Nester - £24.99

    Bird Nest Box


26 Item(s)

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