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Stuck for ideas for unusual and unique gardening gifts for friends, family and even a treat for yourself? Our gardening angels have been busy hand-picking their favourite gifts perfect for all gardeners from allotment and greenhouse gardeners to exotic and urban gardeners.

Allotment Gifts Ideas

Our allotment tools and essentials make the perfect gifts for allotment gardeners. From stainless steel weeding forks and gorgeous allotment gardener tool boxes to self-watering vegetable planter and even unusual allotment gifts such as wildlife habitats. Our hand-picked allotment essentials will help keep your allotment looking lush.

Allotment gardeners will love getting their vegetable seeds and cuttings off to a great head start with our best-selling heated propagators. Our multi-award winning Vitopod Heated Propagator was awarded Bronze for ‘Most Innovative Gardening Product’ in the Great British Growing Awards. It’s no wonder why this heated propagator and mini greenhouse at the top of every gardener’s gift wish list.

If you know a gardener whose tool box is looking a little tired then treat them to an All In One Allotment Tool Box, cleverly designed with a spacious sliding compartment to store all your gardening treats as well as all your essentials tools. With dual fastening and comfy carry handle, it truly is the perfect gardening gift.

Exotic Gardening Gifts

If you’re looking for an unusual gift then you’ll love our Rain & Drain exotics planter. Our Gardening Angels love growing exotic and tropical plants in this intelligent planter from dwarf Cavendish Bananas to Papaya and pineapples. It’s even perfect for producing huge harvests of tomatoes, chillies and other tall cropping vegetables.

While you’re waiting for you bananas to grow, put your feet up and have a look through this amazing “Growing Tasty Tropical Plants” Book and get some Exotic inspiration. Imagine a cup of coffee brewed from beans grown right in your own kitchen. Or juice from an orange harvested from the living room. This is the perfect gift for exotic gardeners, covering 47 varieties of fruiting plants — from chocolate to cherries, papaya to passion fruit, grapefruit to guava — providing everything a gardener needs to know.

Gardening Tool Gifts

We’ve picked our favourite hand-crafted gardening tools and seed sowing equipment to get your plants off the best start. From Pruning Knife sets presented in a luxurious presentation gift box to Potting Shed Collections containing essential tools from dibbers and tampers to plant pot making kits.

Gardening Book Gifts

A gardener’s work is never done, so pop the kettle on, make a brew, scoff a scone and dive in to one of our Angels favourite Gardening Books.

Whether you have a few plant pots on your windowsill or a few acres of land, The New Kitchen Garden Book by Mark Diacono is an essential handbook and growing guide. Jam packed full of 384 pages of guides from the former river cottage gardener and inspirational photography. This is the perfect gift for anyone looking to add a new burst of life to their garden.

If you’re a lover of spicier things then the Hot Sauce Book by Jennifer Trainer Thompson is the perfect gift for chilli growers. Includes 60 recipes for hot sauces and even making scorching cocktails, like Daiquiri Diablo and Slow-Burn Martinis.

Grow Your Own Kit Gift Sets

Grow your own vegetables from seed right through to harvests with our complete Chilli, Tomato and Patio Vegetable Gardeners Gift sets. Includes seed, pots, mini propagators and a handy growing guide to give your seeds the best head start. We’ve even colour co-ordinated our pots to brighten up your patio or greenhouse.

If you’re looking to grow even bigger harvests then treat yourself or a fellow gardener to our Deluxe Growing Kits. Our deluxe Quadgrow Growing kit includes our Award Winning Self-Watering Quadgrow Planters, cleverly designed to keep plants watered up to 2 weeks at a time and a handy seed sowing kit and Nutrigrow plant food. Our self watering planters produce bigger harvests than plant pots and growbags thanks to the clever way that they keep plants perfectly watered at all times. Choose from our Deluxe Chilligrow and Duogrow kits are also available making them the perfect growing gift.

Luxury Gifts & Hampers

Grow more of your favourite plants from cuttings in a few easy steps with our best-selling Hydropod Cuttings Propagator. Designed to make it easier for gardeners to grow more of their favourite crops from existing plants. Simply tale a cutting from an existing plant, place it in the propagator and wait for the plant to root. Growing from cuttings in a Hydropod is a great way to restock your garden for free because it creates the perfect conditions for healthy plants, reliably and quickly. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Environmentally conscious gardeners will adore our Eco Gardeners Gift hamper. Includes organic soap made from olives, bird cake kit & feeder, a tool for making plant pots from newspapers and plant labels made from old coffee cups! It’s the perfect gift to help gardeners tread lightly on our delicate planet.

Help gardeners enjoy the fruits of their labours with this handy Work Top Fruit Press. Perfect for apples, grapes, pears, raspberries, strawberries and any other soft-seeded fruit. Makes up to 3 pints of juice per pressing. Designed with a juice tray with outlet tubing for easy transfer of your favourite fruit juice into a container. It’s light weight and compact design means this is the perfect gift to use on table tops outdoors at your next summer party or indoors on your kitchen worktop.

Gardening Gift Vouchers

Know a gardening lover who might love one of our hand-picked gardening gifts or seen something you like? Then check out our brilliant Gardening Gift vouchers from £5.00 to £50.00. They’re the perfect way to treat yourself or a fellow gardening lover. Even better our gardening gifts can be used towards any of our brilliant gardening products.

Wildlife Gardening Gifts

Wildlife lover will adore our essential wildlife habitats and feeders. Perfect for attracting a variety of garden wildlife from birds and hedgehogs to fascinating bats and fluttering butterflies and buzzing bees.

There’s nothing more rewarding than relaxing in your gardening and spotting visiting wildlife. By creating a wildlife friendly gardening, not only are you helping conserve our visiting wildlife but they will come back and repay you by munching on troublesome pests and even pollinating your prized fruit, vegetable plants and decorative flowers.

Gifts For Urban Gardeners

Short of space but love to grow your own veg? Know a fan of container growing? We’ve got the perfect gifts and accessories to help urban gardeners growing in the city or those just short of space to grow their own vegetables, salads, herbs and stunning floral displays. From space saving wall planters and colourful plant pots to self-watering salad and herb planters.

We’ve got gardening gifts for every price range, small or large to help achieve great results growing a range of produce.We believe everyone should have the opportunity to grow whether you are an allotment gardener or urban gardener living in the city. With something for every gardener from greenhouse gardeners to exotics gardeners, there’s a gardening gift perfect for enthusiasts of all levels.

Greenhouse Sensation Gardening Gifts

Whether you're looking for that perfect gardening gift for her or gardening gifts for him, at Greenhouse Sensation we design and manufacture products that make it easier for anyone to grow stronger, healthier plants from award winning propagators, planters, irrigation kits and seed sowing accessories. Our products are designed and manufactured in the UK and tested by a team of horticulturists at our research and development site in Lancashire.

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  • 9 Litre Fruit Press

    Cider & Juice Making Kits

  • Pack of 2 Verti-Plant Wall Planter - Purple - £9.00

    Wall Planters

  • Bumblebee Nester Kit & Mini Mammal Habitat - £40.00

    Bumblebee Nester

  • Sophie Conran Herb Seeds Collection - £10.99

    Herb Seeds

  • Sophie Conran - Wildflower Seeds Gift Set - £10.99

    Wildflower Seeds

  • Vitopod Heated Propagator - 50 Watt Single Height - £120.00

    Vitopod 50 Watt Heated Propagator


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