Unusual Gifts

We've got unusual gardening gifts for all gardeners, whether you’re buying a gift for an allotment gardener growing veg, urban gardener or greenhouse gardener. Gardening gifts from £5 to £100 from planters to seed sowing accessories. Delivery within 48hrs.

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  • Rain & Drain Planter For Tropical & Exotic Plants

    Tropical Planter

    Price From: £45.00
  • Grow Your Own Tasty Tropical Plants - £13.99

    Growing Tropical Plants Book

  • Vivigrow Hydroponic Planter - Grow in Water for 3-4x Bigger Harvests

    Vivigrow (grow in water)

    Price From: £49.00
  • A Practical Guide to NFT - A Guide to Hydroponics & Growing in Water £8.90

    A Practical Guide to NFT


30 Item(s)

per page