Keep plants perfectly watered even when you're on holiday with our Click & Drip Plant Watering Kits. Perfect for growbags, raised beds, borders & veg plots. Fuss-free kit, attaches straight to your waterbutt or mains tap.

Our Click & Drip Irrigation systems include everything you need to keep your plants and garden watered without wasting a drop. Perfect for grow bags, raised beds, borders & veg plots. If you’re too busy to get down to water every day, or are away on holiday, simply attach the Click & Drip to your waterbutt or mains tap & it will do the watering for you.

Keep plants watered without wasting a drop with our Click & Drip plant watering kits. Our drip irrigation kits include everything you need with no fiddly connections. Simply attach to your waterbutt or mains tap for automatic plant watering. Perfect for watering veg plots, borders, growbags, raised beds & greenhouses.

Drip Watering Systems

The slow drip irrigation rate of the Click & Drip gives the soil chance to absorb the water rather than it forming puddles and evaporating or running off. Our Click & Drip watering kits can be used with or without a Water timer. If you have any questions call us on 0845 602 3774 or email info@greenhousesensation.co.uk.

Garden & Greenhouse watering has never been easier with our Click & Drip plant irrigation systems. Our Click & Drip watering kits, designed to keep your plants watered without wasting a drop. When plants are watered by a watering can as little as 10% to 30% of the water reaches the root of the plants. The rest of the water runs off or evaporates.

The Click & Drip drip plant watering system release water slowly and evenly through drip irrigation pipe so that your plants take up the water before it forms puddles which evaporate. The holes in the dripper line are spaced 30cms apart and are carefully designed to open with internal pressure, so they allow water out but won’t become blocked when hidden under soil, mulch and bark. So whether you are watering plants in rasied beds, growbags, allotments or veg plots you can be confident of using our Click and Drip automatic drip plant watering kit.

Grow Bag Watering

If you love to grow your own tomatoes, cucumbers or other vegetables in growbags then our Click & Drip watering kit for growbags contains everything you need to water 9 plants in 3 growbags. Works perfectly with our 25 litre waterbutts.

Our drip irrigation kits are easy to extend with our Easy fit connectors and additional lengths of irrigation and non-drip pipe. If you’re unsure of how much irrigation or non-drip pipe you need to water your raised beds, pots or veg plot, then give one of our lovely Greenhouse Sensation Gardening Angels a call on 0845 602 3774

Garden Water Timers

For automatic watering a garden Water timer can be added to the Click & Drip Watering kit or you can add the water timer to your existing watering system to water your plants while you’re on holiday or if you can’t make it to your veg plot daily. Perfect for keeping plants in your raised beds, pots, growbags, veg plots or boarders watered. This garden water timer can be used with any watering kits. The Electronic Water Timer does not require mains power and has 9 customisable watering times and duration.

Space Saving Waterbutts

Take the hard work out of watering with our space saving water butts. Waterbutts are a great alternative to hosepipes and help to reduce water wastage. Not only do our waterbutts make a great addition to your garden, greenhouse or other growing spaces, they are also light weight and durable.

If you are especially short of space & time then why not try our 25 Litre mini waterbutt option. This is our most compact waterbutt and will fit snuggly in your greenhouse, polytunnel or even on your allotment. The great thing about our 25 Litre mini waterbutt is you can fill it up with your hose to save you traipsing to and from your garden tap with a full watering can.

All our waterbutts work perfectly with our Click & Drip irrigation Kits or you can simply attach it to your currently irrigation kit.

Watering Cans

We’ve added some beautiful watering cans to our product range from Haws Watering and Burgon & Ball. These quality watering cans have been made to last with easy to carry handles.

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