Harvesting Essentials

Prepare to reap the rewards of bumper fruit & vegetable harvests with our robust harvesting tools & essentials. From vegetable harvesting knives to long handled fruit tree pickers, our quality made tools will take the hard work out of harvesting and more time feasting on your crops.

Harvest your vegetables in style with our robust harvesting tools. Whatever you’re harvesting – from apples and cabages to potatoes and plums, our harvesting tools have been designed to take the hard work out of harvesting your veg plot.

Harvesting Vegetables

Make harvesting potatoes a doddle with this easy to use Potato Harvesting Scoop. Its clever design prevents you from stabbing your potatoes and its long handle and generously sized scoop allows potatoes to be easily lifted from the soil.

Our vegetable harvesting knife is a personal favourite of our customers and makes light work of harvesting thick stemmed vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. Designed with serrated teeth and a curved blade, this vegetable harvesting tool will ensure you get a clean cut every time you harvest your favourite vegetables.

Harvesting Fruit

Say goodbye to climbing wobbly ladders trying to pick hard to reach fruit from your favourite fruit trees and invest in this long handled fruit tree picker from Burgon & Ball measuring 1.5m. This fruit tree picker will keep your apples and other fruit in perfect condition, so no more bruised fruit thanks to its foam cushioned head. This quality made harvesting tool is the perfect treat for fruit growers.

Put the fun back into harvesting berries with this cleverly designed berry picker, available in 2 sizes. Designed to prevent scratched arms and sticky hands, it’s the perfect accessory for berry foraging trips. This berry picking hand tool cleverly scoops up berries into the container leaving behind messy twigs and foliage.

Treat yourself to this flower & fruit harvesting snip. Perfect for precision harvesting cutting of your favourite fruits and endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society. Its comfortable handle and sharp pointed blades will make easy work of harvesting your fruit and makes a lovely gift for any gardener’s tool kit.

Vegetable Harvesting Storage

The big question is, “what do I do with my excess harvests?”. Our chilli enthusiasts growing in our Quadgrow & Chilligrow planters face this question every year so why not treat yourself to this wonderful herb & chilli dryer. A perfect way to preserve excess home grown chilli harvests, herbs, seeds & fruits.

Keep your home grow potatoes and other root vegetables fresh with our vegetable storage sacks. Made from hessian to allow air to flow around your vegetables to prevent vegetable sweating and storage rot. It’s the perfect way to keep your root vegetables fresh over the winter months.

If you’ve been lucky enough to have a bumper harvest and have too much fruit and vegetables then treat yourself to a Fruit Drink Maker & Flask. Simply cut your strawberries, citrus fruit or other fruit in half and juice with the in-built juicer and add water or ice for your own nutritious drink.

If your looking for something a little warmer then our Tea & Water Infuser is a real treat. This drinks infuser and flask in one works by filling the base with fruit or herbs and fill with hot water for a refreshing home-made tea. If you’re feeling a little naughty then add a dash of Vodka.

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  • Fruit & Vegetable Ripening Cover - £14.99

    Ripening Cover

  • Stainless Steel Potato Harvesting Tool - £17.00

    Potato Harvest Scoop

  • Wooden Gardening Trug - £25.00

    Gardening Trug

  • 146cm Long Fruit Tree Picker Tool - £15.00

    Fruit Tree Picker

  • Gardeners Bypass Secateurs - Burgon and Ball - £17.95


  • Blue Secateurs Gardening Gift Set - £19.00


  • Pack of 2 Root vegetable Storage Sacks £4.99

    Root Veg Sacks - Pack of 2

  • 4.5 Litre Worktop Fruit Press - £70.00 - Fruit Juice & Cider Making

    4.5L Worktop Fruit Press

  • Pulpmaster Apple & Pear Crusher - £24.00 - Fruit Juice & Cider Making Kits

    Apple & Pear Crusher

  • Classic Apple & Pear Crusher - £245.00 - Fruit Juice & Cider Making

    Classic Apple & Pear Crusher

  • Bag In A Box Filling Frame - £29.00 - Fruit Juice & Cider Making Kits

    Bag-in-a-Box Filling Frame

  • 9 Litre Fruit Press - £150.00 - Fruit Juice & Cider Making

    9 litre Fruit Press

  • Cider & Juice Storage Kits - With 5 Litre Storage Bag in a Box

    Cider & Juice Storage Kits

  • Herb & Chilli Dryer £29.50

    Herb & Chilli Dryer

  • The Complete Guide to Saving Seeds - Gardening Book

    Guide To Saving Seeds

  • Citrus Zinger - Fruit Drink Maker & Flask

    Fruit Drink Infuser & Flask

  • AquaZinger - Fruit Drinks Infuser - Available in Green Only

    Fruit Drink Infuser


29 Item(s)

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