Houseplant Food

Adding greenery to your interior can make any house feel like a warm and welcoming home, but make sure you are looking after them properly with the correct houseplant food and care. Of course, watering according to each plant’s individual instructions is key - some like to be misted every three days, others need to be watered from the base - but giving them a little boost every now and then can really help their development. Here at Greenhouse Sensation we have everything from tonics to help sick plants, orchid food and special potting mixtures for the fussiest of plants. Everything you could ever need for your houseplants can be found right here.

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  • Orchid Myst - 100ml Bottle

    Orchid Myst - 100ml Bottle

  • FlowerMagic 1L


  • LeafMagic 1L


  • Bonsai Focus - 1L Bottle

    Bonsai Focus - 1L Bottle

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    Special Price £5.50

  • Pelargonium Focus - 500ml Bottle

    Pelargonium Focus - 500ml Bottle

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  • Orchid Focus Grow - 500ml

    Orchid Focus Grow - 500ml


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