Plant Magic Special Offer

The Plant Magic nutrient range has been developed and produced to promote healthy plant growth across a range of different growing medias from soil to coco coir to soil-less (hydroponics). Special Offer: Get 10% off when you buy any Plant Magic products in this category. Offer Ends 30.11.16

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  • 1 Litre Bottle Tomato Magic Fertliser - Grow Your Own Tomatoes

    Tomato Magic - 1 Litre

  • Root Stimulant

    Root Stimulant

  • Oldtimer Bloom 1 Litre Plant Food

    Old Timer Bloom 1L

  • Oldtimer Grow - 1Litre Plant Food

    Old Timer Grow 1L

  • Essence Starter Kit - Brew your own microbes

    Anti-Leaf Disease Kit

  • Vegetable Magic - Vegetable Plant Food

    1L Veg Magic Plant Food

  • Bio Silicon

    125ml Bio-Silicon


10 Item(s)

per page