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From decorative plant pots to self-watering vegetable planters, our pots & planters have been expertly designed and extensively tested to help you grow bumper harvests.

Container Vegetable Gardening

There’s nothing more rewarding than growing your own tomatoes, chillies, salads and other tasty vegetables. Growing vegetables in containers is a great way to grow your own at home, whether you’re growing on your windowsill, on the patio or in your greenhouse.

If you are growing vegetables or flowers in standard plant pots, ensure your pots are wide enough to encourage healthy root growth and has sufficient drainage holes in the base to allow excess water to drain out, preventing root suffocation and root rot.

Self Watering Planters For Growing Vegetables, Salads & Herbs

Take the hard work out of plant watering with one of our self-watering planters. Perfect for growing your own tomatoes, chillies, herbs and other tall cropping plants. Our planters include the Award Winning Quadgrow Holiday Proof Vegetable Planter and the bumper harvest producing Chilligrow Chilli planter.

These self-watering planters provide plants with access to water when they need it, but the plants roots are never stood in water, so access to oxygen is never limited. This means your vegetable plants will be perfectly fed and watered for up to 2 weeks at a time, producing 2x bigger harvests. So you can throw away your plant holiday watering rota and say goodbye to bribing friends, neighbours or non-green fingered relatives to water your plants.

For grow your own gardeners growing tomatoes, cucumbers and other tall cropping vegetables on a patio, greenhouse or polytunnel our best-selling Quadgrow planter is ideal. Described by Garden Answers as “The answer to most gardeners’ prayers”, the Quadgrow planter is the perfect replacement for traditional tomato pots and grow bags as it produces 2x bigger harvests and holiday-proofs your plants. It is ideal for growing tomatoes and tall cropping plants. The most popular plant for our Quadgrow planter is tomatoes because tomatoes particularly dislike irregular watering. Overwatering and sporadic watering can cause tomatoes to develop blossom end rot or cause the tomato fruit to split. The Quadgrow planter keeps plants perfectly fed and watered for up to 2 weeks at a time resulting in healthier plants with bigger harvests of whatever you are growing.

If you’re a lover of growing chillies then the Chilligrow keeps your chilli plants perfectly fed and watered at all times without ever overwatering. Simply fill the 7 litre SmartReservoir and let the FeederMats in the pots pull water up to the roots when they need it. Although your chilli plants have access to water whenever they need it, roots are never stood in water, so access to oxygen is never limited.

Unless you are growing in one of our Chilli Growing Kits with our Award Winning Nutrigrow Plant Food, feed your chillies with a general liquid fertiliser until they are established. Following that use a high potash fertiliser to encourage your chillies to flower and fruit. Keep them weed-free and keep an eye out for common pests.

If you’re a big fan of growing potatoes, carrots and other root vegetables then the Quadgrow Root Vegetable Planter is the ideal replacement for traditional root veg & potato planters and pots, with space to grow 4 varieties in one planter. This root vegetable planter produces healthier plants by giving your vegetables constant access to water without ever over-watering. This space saving vegetable planter makes it perfect for patios, with a clever design which prevents water-logging so you raise bumper harvests of root vegetables every time.

Vertical Garden Wall Planters

If you’re short of space, make the most of your garden fence or garden wall with a set of 2 verti-plant wall planters. Each planter has space for 6 plants and is perfect for growing your own flowers, herbs or even salad on your garden wall. It’s the perfect way to brighten up your garden wall and is available in pink, green and aubergine.

Stuck for ideas on how to use last season’s plant pots? Fill your plant pots with flowers, herbs or salads and attached them to your shed or fence with a clever set of plant pot holders and create your own living wall in minutes.

Growing In Water – Hydroponic Planters

If you’re a competitive or adventurous gardener then why not consider taking the plunge into growing in water with our Vivigrow and Rain & Drain Hydroponic Planters? You can achieve typically 3-4x bigger yields by growing in water compared to soil-grow plants and your plants will be provided with superior access to oxygen, nutrients & water, so they grow faster, stronger and healthier.

Our soil-less planters are great for growing anything from tomatoes, chillies and cucumbers right through to growing your own exotic and tropical plants including some of our favourites, bananas and papaya.

The Vivigrow Planter uses a ‘hydroponic’ growing technique and our very own founder of Greenhouse Sensation was one of the pioneers of hydroponics. He developed the Vivigrow so that this technique of growing in water in a soil-less planter could be adapted for home/greenhouse use on a smaller scale. The beauty of the Vivigrow planter is that the planter pumps a constant stream of water & nutrients over your plants’ roots, which encourages your plants to take up more water, nutrients and oxygen compared to if you were growing in soil. Click here and take a look at our video of our founder harvesting a mass of chillies grown in our 3 Plant Vivigrow Planter at the end of the growing season.

If growing exotic and tropical plants are more your cup of tea then our Rain & Drain Tropical Planter may be what you are looking for. This clever planter has been designed by our horticulturists to replicate the watering & feeding conditions needed by tropical plants. The Rain & Drain Planters inclusive water timer ensures your tropical and exotic plants such as bananas, ginger and papaya are fed & watered several times a day without ever over-watering. Pebbles are used in the planter instead of soil and a small pump waters the plants several times per day ensuring the plants have access to everything they need.

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