Holiday Proof Pots

There’s nothing more rewarding than watching your plants grow, so make sure they are given the best places to develop. Our self-watering planters have been expertly designed and extensively tested to help you grow bumper harvests. Whether you have acres of land, a greenhouse or consider yourself a windowsill urban gardener, our planters and pots come in all shapes and sizes to suit your individual needs.

New to gardening and need a little guidance on which ones to choose? Never fear, our friendly experts are always on hand to answer any questions you may have, so get in touch today.

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  • Quadgrow-Plus Vegetable Planter - £45.00


  • Herbgrow Self Watering Herb Planter

    Herbgrow Planter

  • Quadgrow Deluxe Grow Your Own Veg Kit

    Quadgrow Deluxe

  • Rain & Drain Planter For Tropical & Exotic Plants

    Rain & Drain Tropical Planter

  • Vivigrow Planter - Grow Plants In Water

    Vivigrow (grow in water)


14 Item(s)

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