Vegetable Planters

There’s no better time to grow your own vegetables with our holiday-proof vegetable planters. Our planters have been designed to grow bigger harvests of your favourite vegetables & cleverly keeps your favourite tomatoes, chillies & more perfectly watered for up to 2 weeks at a time.

Whether you’re looking to grow on your windowsill or in a greenhouse, we have a solution for you to grow your own veg. Our award winning Quadgrow Planter is perfect for growing your own tomatoes, chillies and other tall cropping plants and you can achieve up to 2x bigger harvests of your favourite vegetables compared to when growing in standard pots or growbags. This 4 pot self-watering planter is ideal for growing in patios, greenhouses & polytunnels. If you’re a little short on space, then our Chilligrow Chilli growing planter (designed by chilli growing experts) or Duogrow planter are ideal for growing on patios & balconies.

For herb & salad growing lovers, we have the perfect solution with our herb and salad growing planters, ideal for growing your own salad and herbs all year round. Perfect for growing on windowsills, balconies and patios. If you go for our self-watering planter options, then you can say goodbye to plant holiday watering rotas and wilted salad & herb plants.

Our Quadgrow Root Vegetable Planter is perfect for growing all your favourite root vegetables including carrots, potatoes, swede and more. Its 4 individual pots allows you to grow 4 varieties of root vegetables in one planter. The Quadgrow Root Veg Planter produces healthier plants by giving your growing potatoes constant access to water. This space saving potato planter makes it perfect for patios, with a clever design which prevents water-logging so you raise bumper harvests of potatoes and other root vegetables every time.

The great thing about our vegetable growing planters is your plants will always have access to water whenever they need it, but the roots are never stood in water, so access to oxygen is never limited. Your vegetable plants are kept perfectly fed and watered for several days at a time in our pots and planters so they then produce bumper harvests of your favourite chillies, tomatoes and other tall cropping vegetable plants.

If you are looking for something a little more advanced then have a look at our super-charged Solar Quadgrow Planter. This solar powered version of our best-selling Quadgrow planter is designed for gardeners who want to grow a huge harvest of their favourite tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables. The Solar Quadgrows combination of solar powered dippers, feedermats and HydroCoco work together to result in a 3-4x bigger harvest.

Read our vegetable growing guide for more handy hints & tips on growing your own vegetables. If you need more help, then do get in touch with us on 0845 602 3774 or email us at and one of our Gardening Angels will be more than happy to help. We also have a lovely Facebook community of friendly gardeners – you may want to join if you’re not already a member

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  • Rain & Drain Planter For Tropical & Exotic Plants

    Tropical Planter

  • Basil Growing Kit - 2 In 1 Propagator & Planter

    Basil Grow Kit

  • Windowsill Herb Plant Pots - With Drip Tray - £18.00

    Herb Pots

  • Windowbox Salad and Herb Planter - £12.00

    Window Planter

  • Potato Grow Pots

    Potato Pots

  • Solar Quadgrow Planter £79.90


  • Vivigrow Planter - Grow Plants In Water

    Vivigrow (grow in water)

  • Leaf Design Flower Pot - Set of 3 - from £4.00

    Metal Pots x 3

  • Set of 3 Metal Plant Pots On A Tray - £10.99

    3 Metal Pots

  • Quadgrow-Plus Vegetable Planter - £45.00


  • Quadgrow Root Vegetable & Potato Planter -  £42.90

    Quadgrow Root Veg

  • Duogrow Planter - Self-Watering Vegetable Planter - £33.00

    Duogrow Holiday Proof Planter

  • Chilligrow Chilli Planter - £27.00

    Chilligrow Planter

  • Quadgrow Planter - 2x Bigger Yields compared to growbags & standard pots

    Best Seller - Quadgrow Planter


20 Item(s)

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