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No matter whether you’re a brand new gardener getting your hands dirty for the first time, or a seasoned professional who could sow in their sleep, every gardener needs seeds in their toolbox. Here at Greenhouse Sensation we have a huge range of vegetable seeds, fruit seeds and flower seeds that will pave the way to garden success.

Start growing your own organic vegetables, onions or potatoes, or add a splash of colour to your garden with some wildflowers - do your bit to save the bees too!

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  • 300 Veg Plant Voucher

    300 Veg Plant Voucher

  • Herb Seed Collection

    Herb Seed Collection

  • Small Year Round Veg Patch Voucher	£199.00

    500 Veg Plant Voucher

  • Tomato Seed Collection - Pack of 3

    Tomato Seeds

  • Chilli Seed Collection

    Chilli Seed Collection

  • Pollinating Bee Wildflower Pack - £4.99

    Pollinating Bee Wildflowers

  • Nutrigrow Plant Food Nutrients - £12.50

    Nutrigrow Plant Food 2.5L

  • Small Vegetable Garden Gift Voucher

    Small Vegetable Garden

  • Mediterranean Garden Gift Voucher

    70 Mediterranean Veg Plants

  • Salad Garden Gift Voucher

    Salad Plants

  • Herb Garden Gift Voucher

    Herb Plants x16

  • Patio Container Garden Gift Voucher

    Patio Container Veg Plants

  • Children's Garden Gift Voucher

    Veg Plants for Children

  • Berry & Fruit Bushes

    Berry & Fruit Bushes

  • Compact Herb Garden Gift Voucher

    Herb Plants x8

  • Window Box Garden Gift Voucher

    Window Box Plants

  • Radish French Breakfast Seeds £1.25

    Radish French Breakfast Seeds

  • Big Beef Tomatoes - £1.90

    Big Beef Tomato Seeds


34 Item(s)

per page