No matter whether you are growing vegetables or wildflowers we have you covered! Growing from seed is easy, especially if you have one our Electric Propagators to start them off in. And once they start growing all is made worthwhile as you will either have beautiful flowers for your garden or tasty veg for your dishes!

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  • Urban Meadow Mix Seed Tin - £5.99

    Urban Meadow Seeds

  • Radish French Breakfast Seeds £1.25

    Radish French Breakfast Seeds

  • Chilli Seed Collection

    Chilli Seed Collection

  • Herb seeds - Basil Sweet Genovese Seeds £1.25

    Basil Sweet Genovese Seeds

  • Big Beef Tomatoes - £1.90

    Big Beef Tomato Seeds

  • Bumble Bee Wildflower Pack - £4.99

    Bumble Bee Wildflowers

  • Herb Seed Collection

    Herb Seed Collection


22 Item(s)

per page