Stay on top of temperatures in your garden & greenhouse with our range of indoor & outdoor gardening thermometers. Monitoring maximum & minimum temperatures is essential when providing adequate ventilation, overwintering in a greenhouse or planning out what frost protection you will need.

Making the most of your Thermometers

It is important to monitor the temperature of your growing environment to ensure you can adapt to the weather and keep your plants healthy and happy.

To make the most of your home, greenhouse or garden thermometer, monitor and record the variation in temperatures on a daily basis. By using a digital max/min thermometer, you can track the highest and lowest temperatures within a set period of time. By recording this information, you can anticipate likely variations in temperature and plan accordingly.

When positioning your thermometer, make sure you place it in the best place for monitoring the conditions your plant will experience. Raised areas will tend to experience slightly warm temperatures and shaded areas may experience cooler temperatures. It is always worth considering the use of multiple thermometers to get a better understanding of your growing environment.

A thermometer needn’t be all work though! A decorative thermometer can add a stylish touch to your home, garden or greenhouse whilst still providing all of the vital temperature information you require.

Why Use a Hygrometer?

A hygrometer is a device that allows you to monitor humidity levels. High levels of humidity can be detrimental to a plant’s health by encouraging the build-up of fungal plant disease. By monitoring and tracking the humidity with a digital hygrometer, you can ensure appropriate and timely ventilation is in place and ensure healthy growth.

Take Control of your Greenhouse

When using a heated greenhouse, it is essential to have control over the levels of heat that reach your plant. By implementing a Greenhouse thermostat, you will have the ultimate control over your heating. Monitor and adjust the heat levels in your greenhouse with easy touch controls and accurate heat level information.