Tomato & Chilli Essentials

Grow your own chillies & tomatoes with our bumper harvest producing planters. Our best-selling Quadgrow Planter, described by Garden Answers as “The answer to most gardeners’ prayers”, typically produces 2x bigger harvests than grow bags and will keep your plants watered at all times so there’s no more coming home to wilting plants.

Growing in pots and planters is an easy and convenient way to grow your own vegetables. You can move our chilli and tomato planters from your greenhouse or polytunnel outdoors and to sunnier spots when needed. The best-selling Quadgrow planter is the perfect replacement for traditional growbags and tomato pots and is perfect for other tall cropping plants, producing 2 x bigger harvests and holiday-proofs your plants. Our Quadgrow planter has 4 pots which sit above the reservoir, the compost in the pots is watered by the feedermats. Chillies and tomatoes love this planter because tomatoes and chillies particular dislike irregular watering. Over watering can cause tomatoes to develop blossom end rot or cause the tomato fruit to split. The pots in the Quadgrow Planter are perfectly fed and watered for up to 2 weeks at a time resulting in healthier plants with bigger harvests of tomatoes, chillies and other tall cropping plants.

If your short of space then our Chilligrow planter with 7 litre SmartReservoir and 6 litre pots has been designed by chilli experts to help you grow bumper harvests of your favourite chilli plants. Described by Grow Your Own Magazine as “The Chilli revolution that will take your stress away”, your chilli plants roots will have access to water whenever they need it and this clever planter will keep your plants watered for several days at a time. If you already have a Quadgrow Planter then why not upgrade to Solar-Quadgrow planter with our Solar-Quadgrow conversion kit. You will be delighted with the results produced by the Solar-Quadgrow which uses solar-powered drippers and a super-airy alternative to composts called HydroCoco. With even more access to oxygen you will experience even bigger harvests of your tomatoes and chilli peppers.

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  • Duogrow Self-Watering Vegetable Planter - £28.00

    Duogrow Holiday Proof Planter

    Price From: £33.00
  • Tomato Focus - 1L Bottle - Soft & Hard Water

    Tomato Focus - 1L Bottle

  • Bee Log House for Pollinating Bees £14.99

    Bee Log House

  • Gardener's Planner Diary Sophie Conran

    Gardener's Planner

  • Butterfly House & Butterfly Feeder

    Butterfly House

  • Pollinating Bee Wildflower Pack - £4.99

    Pollinating Bee Wildflowers

  • Herb & Chilli Dryer £29.50

    Herb & Chilli Dryer

  • Lacewing & Ladybird Insect House - £25.00

    Lacewing and Ladybird Log

  • Newspaper Plant Pot Making Kits

    Plant Pot Maker Kits

    Price From: £10.00
  • Insect Sticky Traps

    Insect Sticky Traps

  • Vivigrow Hydroponic Planter - Grow in Water for 3-4x Bigger Harvests

    Vivigrow (grow in water)

    Price From: £49.00
  • 1 Litre Bottle Tomato Magic Fertliser - Grow Your Own Tomatoes

    Tomato Magic Fertiliser - 1 Litre

  • Ripening Cover for Chillies & Tomatoes

    Ripening Cover

  • Chilligrow - Grow Your Own Chilli Planter - £26.90

    Chilligrow Planter

    Price From: £27.00
  • Culticave Patio Greenhouse With Self-Watering Quadgrow Planter £79.95 - Vegetable Planters

    Patio Greenhouse with Planter

    Price From: £69.95
  • Gardeners Guide to Solitary Bees - £1.99

    Solitary Bee Guide

  • Soft-Tie Plant Support Ties - £4.95

    Soft-Tie Plant Tie 26ft

    Price From: £5.00
  • Chilli Focus Plant Nutrients - 1 litre

    Chilli Focus Nutrients - 1L

  • Hot Sauce Recpie Book - Make Your Own Chilli Sauces

    Chilli Recipe Book

  • Solar Quadgrow Conversion Kit


  • Nutrigrow Plant Food Nutrients

    Nutrigrow Plant Food

    Price From: £10.50
  • Tomato Seed Collection - Pack of 3

    Tomato Seeds

  • Digital Greenhouse Thermometer

    Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer

  • Quadgrow Planter - 2x Bigger Yields compared to growbags & standard pots

    Quadgrow Planter - Best Seller

    Price From: £42.90

32 Item(s)

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