Tomato Growing Essentials

Grow your own tomatoes in a few easy steps with our tomato growing essentials from our holiday-proof Quadgrow Vegetable Planter to tomato ripening covers and award winning plant food.

Our superb range of tomato growing essentials includes everything you need to help you grow your own tomatoes. Whether you are growing tomatoes on your patio or in your greenhouse or polytunnel. We're here to help so if you have any questions call us on 0845 602 3774 or email 

The varieties of tomatoes you decide to grow depends on whether you are growing tomatoes in a greenhouse, polytunnel or outdoors. Vine tomatoes also known as indeterminate are best if you are growing tomatoes in greenhouses and polytunnels. Indeterminate tomatoes are the most popular.

Popular varieties of indeterminate tomato plants include Sungold tomato, Piccolo tomato and Gardeners Delight. These tomato plants can grow to several metres long. Bush tomato varieties are also known as determinate tomatoes and are more compact, ideal if you are growing tomatoes outside. Popular varieties include Tumbling Tom, Red Alert and Garden Pearl.

Get your tomato seeds, cuttings and young plants off to a great head start with our award winning Vitopod Electric heated propagator. The Vitopod electric heated propagator with adjustable height offers more control than other heated electric propagator and delivers even heat throughout the base. The even heat encourages seeds to develop heathily, and evenly.

Our best-selling Quadgrow Planter described as “The answer to most gardeners’ prayers” and who are we to disagree? Our superb planter will keep your tomatoes and other crops perfectly fed and watered for weeks at a time so you can look forward to harvesting twice as much as you would in a growbag.

Our Growbag Click & Drip is a fuss-free growbag irrigator, available with an optional timer to keep your tomatoes perfectly fed and watered when you are on holiday. And if you’re growing tomatoes in pots then our Lola water minder will ensure your tomato plants never dry out. Lola is a simple and effective way of keeping your plants watered if you are going away for a weekend. Simply place your pots on the optional tray and Lola will keep a level of water in the tray so your plants can take it up when they need it.

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  • Epic Tomatoes Book - Gardening Gifts

    Epic Tomatoes Book

  • Vigoroot Potato/Tomato Planter

    Potato/Tomato Planter

  • Quadgrow Deluxe Grow Your Own Veg Kit

    Quadgrow Deluxe

  • Solar Quadgrow Planter


  • Quadgrow Planter Support Frame

    Support Frame for Quadgrow

  • Vivigrow Hydroponic Planter - grow in water

    Vivigrow Deluxe (grow in water)

  • Tomato Seed Collection - Pack of 3

    Tomato Seeds

  • Tomato Focus - 1L Bottle - Soft & Hard Water

    Tomato Focus - 1L Bottle

  • 1 Litre Bottle Tomato Magic Fertliser - Grow Your Own Tomatoes

    Tomato Magic - 1 Litre

  • Nutrigrow nutrients - plant feed

    Nutrigrow Chilli & Tomato Plant Food

  • Slug Gone - Organic Slug Control Pellets - £7.95

    Organic Slug Gone Pellets

  • Greenhouse Sticky Fly Trap Insect Catcher

    Sticky Traps

  • Soft-Tie Plant Support Ties - £4.95

    Soft Plant Tie 26ft

  • Grow Bag Drip Irrigation Kits - Waters 9 Plants in 3 Growbags - £20.00

    Grow Bag Watering Kits - Click & Drip

  • Culticave Patio Greenhouse With Self-Watering Quadgrow Planter £79.95 - Vegetable Planters

    Patio Greenhouse with Planter

  • Fruit & Vegetable Ripening Cover - £14.99

    Ripening Cover

  • Grow Your Own Tomatoes - Complete Tomato Growing Kit - £15.00

    Tomato Kit


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