10 Easy Vegetables to Grow at Home!

During this time of uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and the supply of food it poses the question of how easy it would be to get our hands on fresh fruit and vegetables moving forwards. For this reason we have compiled a list of our top 10 easiest vegetables to grow at home.

the 10 easiest vegetables to grow at home

Do you dream of harvesting your own home grown foods, but just don't know where to start?

Wondering which vegetables are easy to grow? From pots to plots, there are vegetables to suit gardens of every size. Growing your own isn't complicated. 

If you haven’t already checked out our recent blog on 'How to Grow Your Own Food at Home', you can do so here. Also feel free to download our seed sowing guide here, which gives a breakdown of what fruit and veg to sow and when.

1) Tomatoes

When growing your own tomatoes, choose a variety that will be suited to the space you have available and the flavours and textures you like. Tomato varieties grow as vines (cordon) or bushes.

1: Vine tomatoes, also known as indeterminate or cordon, are the most popular tomato to grow and are best if you are growing tomatoes in greenhouses and polytunnels. These tomato plants can grow to several metres long.

2: Bush tomato varieties, also known as determinate tomatoes, are more compact, ideal for outdoor tomato growing.

If you would like to grow tomatoes more successfully our Quadgrow 4x Self-watering planter may be just what you are looking for. It's ideal for your tomatoes.


2) Potatoes

Potatoes are an extremely popular vegetable to grow due to the fact they are great for patios, raised beds or for planting straight into your garden. Potatoes are grown from seed potatoes, also known as tubers and you can expect to harvest between 6 to 12 potatoes from a single seed potato.

Our Root Veg Planter is perfect for growing 4 varieties of potatoes in 1 planter. The Root Veg Planter is the perfect replacement for traditional veg pots, planters and grow bags. 


 3) Salad Leaves

Crunchy fresh leaves with a fantastic range of textures and flavours. Whether you’re a windowsill grower or vegetable plot lover, there’s nothing more rewarding than growing your own salads for a tasty summer treat. Our Self-watering Salad and Herb Planters are perfect for directly sowing your seeds into. You can typically expect to be harvesting 6 weeks after sowing.

Salad Leaves

4) Onions & Garlic 

Onions and garlic are virtually maintenance-free crops, and are such easy vegetables to grow. All you need to grow onions is a sunny, sheltered area to grow in with well-draining soil - raised beds, veg plots or deep containers (with a minimum of 6 inches of soil depth) are perfect. We always use the Quadgrow Root Veg Planter for our onions.

Onions & Garlic

5) Spring Onions

Give your salads a tangy crunch with some quick-growing spring onions. Companion planting with mint will help to deter onion fly. Salad or spring onions are very versatile. If you’ve already got a Quadgrow Planter or fancy treating yourself to a Salad & Veg planter then spring onions will grow perfectly as spring onions don’t require much depth to grow, and you can grow them in a greenhouse, polytunnel or conservatory provided that it’s frost free, especially when we get deeper into winter.

Spring Onions

6) Peas

Peas are a trouble free crop that enjoy cooler weather. October is the perfect time to sow peas. They should grow to just over 1ft before winter sets in, the growth will then slow down but when spring arrives they will be off to a head start and will be ready to harvest in early summer. Choose a suitable location - Ideally a sheltered location with as much sunlight as possible. Pea seeds should be sown 2” apart and planted 2-3” deep. 

Germination takes around 10 days, & you should cover your seedlings with a cloche until they are established, particularly if there are early frosts.


7) Broad Beans

What could be simpler! Sow Broad Beans in spring in small pots with compost, and within a few weeks these quick growing beans will make sturdy plants that can be planted out in the garden. You can sow Broad Beans until the middle of December. Protect the young plants with fleece in cold snaps because frost and snow can damage young autumn sown plants causing the plant tissues to become soft and transparent resulting in the plants toppling over and not recovering, covering with frost fleece will prevent this. Choose hardy broad bean varieties such as Aquadulce Claudia and Super Aquadulce.  Protect the seedlings from the wind by growing in a sheltered spot.

broad beans

8) Runner Beans

Almost as simple as broad beans and you can sow them in the same way. Runner beans are climbers so give them plenty of space and train them onto wires or a plant support frame. Most varieties grow tall and produce colourful red, white or bi-coloured flowers. Keep them well watered and they will reward you with a constant supply in summer.

runner beans

9) Radishes

Spice up your salads with crunchy, peppery radishes. They're easy to grow in containers, or sow them directly into the ground throughout the summer for a succession of crunchy, colourful crops. They are fast-growing and are ready to harvest in about four weeks from sowing. Sow radish seeds every two weeks in fertile, moisture-retentive soil, throughout summer for crunchy salads. You can grow radishes in the Saladgrow salad planters and they will be ready to harvest when the radish reaches roughly golf ball size and has turned bright red. 


10) Beetroot

For a super-easy to grow root vegetable try beetroot. Often used in salads but equally tasty eaten warm and freshly boiled as a vegetable. Beetroot can be sown directly into moist ground from March to July. For best results, sow beetroot little and often, harvesting the roots when they are young, tender and the size of a golf ball.

As they grow, thin the seedlings to about 5cm apart. From May to September you can look forward to harvesting! Try growing Beetroot in our Quadgrow Root Veg Planter for some brilliant results! 


If you have any questions on other vegetables you are thinking of growing at home, please let us know, our Gardening Angels will be happy to help!