7 Easy Steps to Prick Out and Pot on your Propagator Seeds

The video below, shows the process our Gardening Angels took to prick out Green Tiger Tomatoes from a 100w Heated Vitopod Propagator and then potting them on into pots.


1)      Remove any lumps in your soil with our 2 in 1 Gardening Sieve.

2)      Fill up your pots with the soil.

3)      Using our Steel Dibber make space for your seedling

4)      Loosen the soil around the seedling and gently lift out and place into its own pot.

5)      Gently press the soil down around the seedlings roots, using the leaves above the soil.

6)      Give the seedlings a generous water with a watering can.

7)      Place your newly planted seedling pots back into your heated propagator, such as our Vitopod Heated Propagator.


propagation essentials


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