About Us - Greenhouse Sensation

Here at Greenhouse Sensation we design and manufacture products that make it easier for anyone to grow stronger, healthier plants. The Planters, Propagators and Click & Drip irrigation products are all designed and manufactured by the Greenhouse Sensation team in Lancashire and tested by our horticulturalists at our research and development site in Lancashire. Our website also features some products designed and made by other excellent manufacturers and some of these products are made outside the UK, the British-made products are clearly indicated.

All products, whether designed and made by Greenhouse Sensation or by other manufacturers are extensively trialled in our polytunnels and greenhouses in Lancashire.

Here's a little information about our company, the lovely people who work for us, our wonderful greenhouse and where we're located if you would like to pop in for a visit.

Our Company

Greenhouse Sensation was established by the late botanist John Molyneux to provide products that make it easier for anyone to grow stronger, healthier plants. Greenhouse Sensation products include soil and hydroponic systems and propagators. All Greenhouse Sensation products bring advanced horticultural know-how and methods to all gardeners. Plants grow so well in our products because they are developed and manufactured by people who really understand how to create the perfect conditions for plants and care about making our products easy to use.

We design and manufacture our products in Lancashire and test new products and techniques in a demonstration greenhouse and polytunnel also in Lancashire. The Greenhouse Sensation demonstration greenhouse is evidence of the results that can be achieved with hydroponic systems – it holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s longest tomato plant, recorded at 65ft but actually continued to grow to 92ft. The greenhouse is open to visitors all year as we love people popping in daily to sample the fabulous edibles our Gardening Angel team grow there.

The Greenhouse Sensation team are passionate about encouraging everyone to enjoy growing – especially in hydroponic systems. Our passion for what we do makes us an ambitious and fast-moving organisation, but we are always friendly and have fun.

Greenhouse Sensation and the environment

We care about the environment and use recycled plastics in our products. Our hydroponic systems are built to last a lifetime. We water our plants with rainwater and recycle our manufacturing and general office waste as well as keeping logs of the environment around us because we really do care about it.

Visit our open greenhouse

All sorts of people have loved visiting our greenhouse, including the Guardian, Kitchen Garden and North West Tonight. Come and see what you’re missing…


Our greenhouse is in Mawdesley, Lancashire, just off J27 of the M6. Click here for directions. We really enjoy showing our greenhouse off to visitors. Whether you’re an experienced expert or you have never grown anything before, we think we’ve got something to inspire you.


Plenty to see

Inspirational plants - 8ft (2.5metre) tall chilli plants, 15ft (4.5metre) tall tomato plants, bananas, ginger, lemongrass and too many more to mention, all to inspire you to grow your own veg or exotic decoratives.

Unusual growing techniques - some of our plants are grown without soil. Hydroponic and aeroponic techniques are used by commercial growers and we’ve scaled them down into home-sized kits, see them for yourself and learn why plants grown using these techniques produce crops 3x bigger than plants grown in soil and why one of our plants grew 7ft in 5 weeks.

Small-space growing – see just how much you can grow in a space just 55cm x 55cm. 

Gardening Angel advice - are always on-hand to offer friendly advice and to answer any questions you might have about our greenhouse or your own plants. There are lots of other great places to visit in Mawdesley and we’ve created a guide to our favourites along with a map to help you find them.

Greenhouse Facts - The Greenhouse Sensation greenhouse holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s longest tomato plant; it was grown in a hydroponic system and is in the record books at 65ft. The Greenhouse Sensation team has been quietly growing exotic edibles in Mawdesley since 1995.