Advantages of an Electric Heated Propagator

Electric Heated Propagators are a cost effective way of helping gardeners to germinate seeds earlier and more successfully. Seeds germinated in an electric heated propagator grow into healthier plants because of the more comfortable and consistent start in life.

Vitopod Heated Electric Propagator

In the past, many gardeners started seeds in a heated greenhouse or just using a heated bench, but with raising electricity costs this is no longer feasible. A heated bench is useful, but the warmth quickly dissipates so the heater has to be working all the time, whereas an electric heated propagator has sides and a lid which retain the warmth.

Most seeds will germinate between 18°C – 22°C and they will germinate more quickly and successfully if their preferred temperature is maintained fairly evenly during the day. A heated propagator makes this possible.

Some exotic seeds and very hot chillies require temperatures up to 30°C, a heated propagator is essential for these in the UK.

A thermostatically controlled propagator is perfect for providing the perfect support for your plants

Electric heated propagators are especially useful for growing vegetables. They enable gardeners to start seeds before the air temperature has reached the temperature required by the seeds, meaning plants can get off to a head start. This is especially useful if growing vegetables because if you can get the seeds started earlier you will be harvesting earlier and for longer – resulting in you enjoying bigger harvests.

Growing from seed is much more cost effective than buying young plants.

Some large electric propagators, such as the Vitopod Heated Propagator can be used at quite low temperature settings to keep the frost off over-wintered plants such as chillies, so that the plant gets off to a head start the following spring.

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