Controlling Garden Pests

Getting your home grown crops from garden to kitchen without finding a few nibbles may seem like a bit of a battle. Read our handy tips and favourite essentials that should help you win the war on garden pests.

Control Summer Pests


Slugs are a common enemy in the garden and tend to feed at night. They cause the most damage in warm humid weather when they will graze, leaving uneven holes and sometimes trails on your produce. Our Organic Slug Pellets stop slugs in their tracks whilst nourishing your soil. Named ‘Our Choice’ by BBC Gardener’s World magazine, they're used by Chatsworth House and have won a Green Innovation award. Watch our video to see how easily you can apply them to your garden.


Snails are likely to be next on your list of unwanted pests. Although not as common as their shell-less cousins, they can still be found nibbling on your potential harvest.

Slug & Snail Shocka is a humane deterrent which does not kill slugs or snails but creates a barrier. When slugs and snails attempt to move onto Slug & Snail Shocka they feel discomfort, similar to silver/tin foil on amalgam fillings in the mouth. You can even try a simple trick of placing crushed egg shells around your plants. Slugs, snails, and other insects are put off by the crunch when they crawl over the sharp edges and will leave for softer pastures.


Ants can cause trouble by stealing seeds for larval food and disrupting borders with earthworks. Unless nests are particularly troublesome, ants are best left alone. In-coming queen ants can take over destroyed territories and establish even more new nests.


Aphids can go as far as spreading disease within your plants. Combine that with their ability to multiply quickly, suck sap and weaken plants, and you have a rather small yet effective pest on your hands.

Butterfly House    Controlling Aphids

Butterflies are very useful for controlling Aphid numbers, and we have a vast range of products, including our great-looking Butterfly House which will encourage butterflies to make your garden their home.


Another common pest is Whitefly. These miniature insects damage plants by sucking the juices from new growth causing stunted growth, leaf yellowing and reduced yields. Plants can become weak and susceptible to disease so it is important to take action.

Control Pests Whitefly Insect Catcher

Bio Control Whitefly and Insect Sticky Traps are two of our effective products that will help you deal with Whitefly. Bio Control Whitefly is a natural and trusted control method. These parasitised whitefly pupae contain the parastic wasp of whitefly; Encarsia formosa. They emerge from the pupae to search for whitefly pupae to parasitize. The Insect Sticky Traps attract and kill whitefly, thrips, leaf miners and greenfly. A must-have if you use a greenhouse or polytunnel.

Quick Fix Top Tips

Inspecting plants regularly and picking off any pests you find can help prevent a major infestation.

• If you find any damaged fruits or flowers, you remove them to avoid secondary infections such as moulds.

Herbs can help keep a range of insects away from your larger plants. The scent of common herbs like basil, mint and rosemary can act as nature's bug repellent.


Top Pest Control Products

Bat Conservation Box

Bats are in desperate need of habitats, so help them out with our lovely Conservation Bat Box and they'll prey on flying garden pests. The grooves at the entrance of the bat box keep predators out but make it easy for bats to climb in.

Conservation Bat Box

Bats play an important role in many environments around the world. Some plants depend partly or wholly on bats to pollinate their flowers or spread their seeds, while other bats also help control pests by eating insects. Over recent decades UK bats have suffered sharp population declines. So by attracting more bats to your garden, you will be doing your bit for their welfare, as well as detering a few pests from your produce. As Robin would say, "Good thinking, Batman!"

Hogitat Hedgehog Retreat

Our Hogitat Hedgehog Retreat gives our spikey little friends a safe place to feed, sleep and hide from predators and garden hazards.

Hogitat Hedgehog Retreat

But it's not just the hedgehogs themselves who will benefit from their new home, as they will repay you by feeding on a wide range of creepy crawlies that can be considered to be garden pests. Slugs are a particular favourite within a hedgehog's large appetite, they can eat up to 80 per night!

Become A Pest & Weed Expert

Why not treat yourself to a copy of The Pest & Weed Expert? It's a great guide to the most common pests, weeds, disorders and diseases and how to keep them away from your garden!

The Pest & Weed Expert will help you to identify the problem and show whether preventative measures and treatments are necessary. From lawn weeds to pet problems, and water shortages to fungi.

Did you know?

Plants that receive the perfect balance of water and nutrients are healthier and stronger, helping them to also have a greater resistance to pests and diseases. Most problems occur when plants receive too much water or too little so knowing how much to provide usually involves a little guesswork and green fingers. Take a look at our award-winning self-watering planters.

Need Further Help?

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