Protect Plants from Frost

Vitopod no need to heat your entire greenhouse

Protect seedlings and tender mature plants from cold and frosty conditions in the Vitopod propagator and mini greenhouse in one.

With a digital thermostat, accurate to 1°C and a range between 5°C to 30°C, the award winning heated Vitopod removes the need to heat your entire greenhouse and keeps your plants warm without cooking their roots.

"You’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.” Garden Answers

"Perfect for serious plant raisers" Gardening Which?

Even tall plants can be protected from the cold. Simply determine how high you need the Vitopod to be and buy the relevant number of height extensions. Even at the single height and set to 5C many plants can be kept healthy throughout the winter.

For the more exotic and tender plants raise the temperature and add more height extensions.

The Vitopod provides the best start to seeds and cuttings by delivering even heat throughout the base, encouraging even growth and even plant root development.

Our Vitopod Propagator has been reviewed as 'amazingly accurate', 'the best looking heated propagator available' and a 'must buy' – and it’s the only height adjustable propagator and mini greenhouse in the world.

It has been featured in House & Garden, BBC Gardener's World, Kitchen Garden, Garden Answers, Garden News and Grow Your Own magazines – no wonder it’s a best seller.

What's green about it?

A healthier head start

Create the perfect growing environment for your seeds and cuttings in this propagator, cold frame and mini greenhouse in one.

Greenhouse layer adds warmth and protection from pests, encouraging seedlings to develop quickly.

Grows with your plants

With a starting height of 24cms the standard Vitopod offers plenty of space for propagation, simply add extra height extensions to provide the perfect height for your plants. Ideal if you need to protect tall plants from the frosts.

Even Growth

Even heat is delivered throughout the base so no more hot or cold spots just equal germination and root development.

Reduce energy use Only heat the plants, not the entire greenhouse and save energy. Perfect growing companion Propagate, harden off and protect plants through the winter – the Vitopod does all three jobs. And it all flat packs away for those rare moments when you’re not using it.

Stays beautiful

Vitopod is resistant to UV deterioration so it won’t yellow and it’s made from a durable, slightly flexible material so that there’s less risk of it breaking when you drop it on the greenhouse floor or patio.

Mini Greenhouse and Propagator in one

The heated Vitopod has a range of 5ºC to 30ºC. This means that you can set the temperature up to 30ºC, ideal for exotics, and as low as 5ºC, ideal for overwintering without cooking roots. And you can select any 1ºC temperature inbetween! The digital thermostat displays the 'set' and 'achieved' temperatures so you can be confident that your plants receive the exact level of warmth they need. The Vitopod is the only propagator and coldframe to have large butterfly vents in the lid and sides. These vents provide greater control over humidity and help create a perfect growing environment.

What people say

In the media

Our Vitopod Propagator has attracted lots of attention from the gardening media. Here are a few examples of what gardening magazines have said about it:

"The best one you can buy is the Vitopod from Greenhouse Sensation, it's one of the most accurate and best looking" Greenhouse Diaries April 2010

"This is simply the best heated propagator on the market." BBC Gardener's World, Feb 2010

“The ultimate in heat-assisted propagation… you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.” Garden Answers, Jan 2007

"The Vitopod is state-of-the-art" London Evening Standard, Jan 2009

"Now this is not just an electric heated propagator or seed propagator, it’s a sophisticated propagating system to bring joy to any boy’s heart" John Harrison,

"At last a big propagator that isn't ugly...perfect for serious plant raisers" Gardening Which? Feb 2007

"Well worth saving up for" Grow Your Own magazine, Feb 2007

Customer Quotes

A wonderful email that we received;

"It’s not often I write to a company to express my opinion about a product that I buy, but on this occasion I have had such a wonderful result with the Vitopod propagator.

Over the years I have bought many heated propagator systems from warmed cable to the silver foil heated mat system, with reasonable results until I tried the Vitopod . It is really important when you sow seed that you get the temperature correct at seed level to get the optimum results, with the Vitopod you achieve this through a super accurate thermostat and enclosed environment which is totally controllable. Our success so far is with sweet peppers it normally takes us 14 days to germinate the seeds but the Vitopod has done it in 7 days, quite a success I would say.

After many years in commercial horticultural I would highly recommend the Vitopod propagator to the amateur market, I believe in the product that much, I have ordered another one today (that’s 3 this year)." - Robert Ballantyne, Ballantyne Nurseries, Dec 2008

"I am very pleased with my vitopod. It is cleverly designed and well manufactured. And your support staff on the phone have been very knowledgeable and helpful. Many thanks." - Dr Miller, Mar 2009

‘We use your digitally heated Vitopods at our germination stage – without them we would not relax!'’ Alex from The Upton Cheyney Chilli Company 2010

"I would like to sincerely thank you for the extra effort you put into making sure the Vitopod arrived safely. The good news is that it arrived in Melbourne in perfect condition having been through presumably fairly rough handling of airport luggage handlers. Not a scratch or damage at all!Well done - please thank all involved. Unfortunately we had no choice - it had to go in the hold. I congratulate your company on the build quality of the Vitopod. Very impressive. Can't wait to use it." - Phil Kinvig, Nov 2008, whose Vitopod propagator survived a 10,500 mile long haul flight!

Here's a selection of reviews...

Our Vitopod achieves the most media attention and has won many awards.

Greenhouse Diaries April 2010 - the best one you can buy is the Vitopod from Greenhouse Sensation, it's one of the most accurate and best looking

BBC Gardeners World Feb 2010 - the Vitopod is simply the best heated propagator on the market.

BBC Gardens Illustrated Dec 08 - they thought our Vitopod made a great Christmas gift.

Grow Your Own Review Feb 07 - they wrote a lovely review of the Vitopod but they did get the name wrong. Gardening Which Feb 07 - they tested the Vitopod and declared in the review "At last a big propagator that isn't ugly!". They also liked the accurate temperature control and good ventilation.

Saga magazine Feb 07 - they reported that the Vitopod is practical and good looking. They wrote that it is so attractive that even non-gardening family members won't mind you using it indoors.

Gardeners' World Feb 07 - they rated the Vitopod as the 'Best Buy Propagator'. We are delighted that our product came out top in their tests. The Gardeners' World team loved the large humidity vents, temperature control and the fact that it's made so well.

This is Lancashire Jan 07 - they featured news that the Vitopod raised the profile of the Mawdesley village. London Evening Standard Jan 07 - They found the Vitopod so useful and stylish that they suggested it makes a fabulous coffee-table curiosity.

House & Garden Feb 07 - The good looks of the Vitopod led stylish homes magazine House & Garden to feature the product in their Feb 2007 issue. Vitopod Christmas Gift Idea - Grow your own magazine reported that the Vitopod makes a great Christmas gift idea.

Grow Your Own Magazine Nov 06 - featured our Vitopod.

Kitchen Garden Dec 06 - here's what they had to say.

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