Harvesting season rolls around once a year, and when it does you want to make sure you’re well prepared to pick a good quality crop each and every year. We have so many different harvesting tools and equipment for you to choose from, all of which will make this stage of your gardening easier and more efficient. Whether veg gets your crunch or fruit is your jam, we have shears, clippers, knives and pickers that are perfect for all your needs.

No matter what you’re harvesting, be sure you’re ready this season.

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  • Rabbit & Guinea Pig Print Storage Tin - Gardening Gifts - £15.00

    Storage Tin

    Regular Price: £15.00

    Special Price £7.50

  • Berry Picking Tool From £12.00

    Berry Picker

  • 146cm Long Fruit Tree Picker Tool - £15.00

    Fruit Tree Picker

  • 12 Litre Fruit Press - £250.00 - Fruit Juice & Cider Making Kit

    12 Litre Fruit Press

    Regular Price: £250.00

    Special Price £197.00

  • Classic Apple & Pear Crusher - £245.00 - Fruit Juice & Cider Making

    Classic Apple & Pear Crusher

    Regular Price: £245.00

    Special Price £202.00

  • Red Secateurs Gardening Gift Set - £19.00

    Red Secateurs Gift Set

    Regular Price: £22.50

    Special Price £11.50

15 Item(s)

per page