Apple & Fruit Growing FAQ

When should I harvest fruit?

Apple Tray

This will depend on the variety although as a general rule most fruit trees will flower in the spring and develop fruit through the summer ready to be picked in Autumn.

How do I harvest fruit?

When fruit is ready to be harvested it will come away from the plant with ease, to harvest you should cup the fruit in your hand taking care not to bruise the fruit and gently tug, the fruit should come away easily from the tree if it is ready to be picked. Many fruit will be out of reach, these should be picked with a fruit tree picker.

Can you grow fruit in pots?

The common fruit varieties are best suited to growing in the ground although there are many dwarf cultivars of apples and pears which are ideally suited growing in pots on a patio. Citrus trees are also ideally suited to container growing as they can be moved according to the weather conditions.

When should I plant fruit trees?

Container grown trees can be planted at any time of the year, Bare rooted trees should be planted during the plants dormant season (late autumn to early winter) although no planting should be attempted during frosty periods, the trees can be stored in moist soil until conditions improve.

Are there dwarf versions of fruit trees?

Dwarf varieties of apple and pear are readily available, citrus trees and olive trees are not dwarf however dew to their slow growth habit they will tolerate being grown in a pot on a patio with few problems.

How do I store fruit?

Apples store particularly well providing they are stored correctly, they will need a to be cleaned with a cloth before being stored in a cool but frost free are with good ventilation, any fruit which has become bruised will not store. Apples stored correctly will keep for up to 6 months. Citrus fruits will store for a couple of weeks if they are kept in a fridge, Stone fruits will not keep for more than a few days however they can be used in recipes to make preserves such as Jam.