August Bank Holiday Checklist

There are always things you can be doing to not only take advantage of the current season, but to also prepare for the coming months. Here are a few useful tips that will help you out in the height of summer.

First Things First - Harvest!

Harvesting KnifeThe height of summer can only mean one thing! Harvests! Continue to harvest throughout this peak time and enjoy the fruits of your labour, encouraging more crops to fruit. Make sure you've got the right harvesting tools from Fruit Tree Pickers to Vegetable Harvesting Knives, are a sure-fire way to make harvesting an absolute breeze, so you can enjoy more of your tasty produce.

If you find yourself overrun by fruits and vegetables you can start thinking about preserving your wonderful creations! Our Storage & Preservation products will give you plenty of inspiration! We have everything from Traditional Storage Jars that will keep your jams and pickled produce fresh, to Juice & Cider Storage Boxes that are great for making your own homemade fruit juices.

Keep Those Pots Watered

Haws Watering CanIt’s important to water plants in pots thoroughly as they can dry out quicker than when planted in the soil. If you’re watering plants by hand, why not treat yourself to a Haws Watering Can, made from, heavy gauge steel and dipped in hot zinc to resist rusting. If you’re relying on someone a little less green fingered than yourself to water your plants while you're away on holiday, then a Soil Moisture Meter is a great way for them to instantly measure the moisture content of your soil and indicate how much water, if any, is needed.

Click & Drip

If you’re not able to get down to your plot or garden to water your plants daily, then a Slow Drip Irrigation Kit may be the answer to your prayers. Plants only take 10%-30% of water when watered by hand, however with a slow drip irrigation kit, plants are watered slowly over a longer period of time. This gives plants more time to take up water, as and when they need to, giving them access to a better balance of oxygen and water to ensure healthier growth and bigger harvests.

You can even add an optional Electric Water Timer, allowing you to fully automate your plant watering schedule. Perfect for when you’re on your holidays.

Weeding ForkMake Weeding Easier

Continue to weed borders frequently. Weeds use the valuable moisture in the ground, and on top of that they make your garden look messy! Use a Weeding Fork and make your life easier when it comes to removing those troublesome growths. The two long tines of this handy tool get under the base of the toughest weeds to make it easy to remove them along with their roots! It is also ideal for cultivating in tight spaces or rocky areas.

Gardener's Tool Stool

This stylish Gardener’s Tool Stool with detachable tool bag is perfect for carrying out low level tasks such as weeding. Thanks to its integrated tool bag, your essential tools are always in arms reach. It's made from heavy duty canvas, and built to last. When not in use, it simply folds flat for easy storage.
Moving on from saving your back to saving your knees with a pair of Gardener's Knee Pads. Take the strain off your knees when weeding, sowing seeds and planting out. They are specially designed with a velcro closure for easy adjustment.

Salad & Veg PlanterSow Your Winter Crops

It's not too late to sow fast-growing salad crops, such as sorrel, winter lettuces and other salad leaves. You'll be able to enjoy your salad harvest in the colder months. Grow salad leaves stronger, healthier and in just six weeks with our Salad & Veg Planter. It can be transformed into a mini greenhouse by adding our extra layers, which protect plants from frosts, slugs and snails, allowing you to grow salads and herbs outdoors all year round. 

Hand Held Bulb PlanterIt's also the perfect time to plant your autumn-flowering bulbs. Whether you're planting Hardy Cyclamen, Abyssinian Gladiolus or Amarcrinum, this robust Hand-Held Bulb Planter makes short-work of it. The sharp serrated edges cut through even compacted soil and the depth measurements on the outside make it easy to plant all bulbs with precision. That's everything from daffodils to alliums. It's even endorsed by the RHS - Royal Horticultural Society.

Protect Your Plants

Greenhouse Fan HeaterGreenhouses, whether of glass or plastic, can overheat in sunny weather. Plants can be protected from excess heat by shading and ventilation. Ventilating your greenhouse on sunny days is very important and on the warmest days it may be wise to dampen the flooring down to increase the humidity. A Greenhouse Fan Heater with inbuilt thermostat has very low running costs so you can maintain the temperature of your greenhouse or polytunnel at the right level without spending a fortune on energy bills. In summer you can switch it to summer mode to circulate air to prevent mould and fungal growth.

Make Friends In The Garden

Ladybirds are your friends! These pretty little creatures prey on aphids such as greenfly, blackfly and whitefly. So why not create a stylish habitat for ladybird in your garden or greenhouse and they'll hungrily devour troublesome pests.

Urban Insect hotel

This Urban Insect Hotel is great for attracting ladybird, butterfly and other beneficial insects. If you need to trap pests before they eat the fruits of your labour, then hang up some Insect Sticky Traps. A must-have for catching whitefly, thrips, leaf miners and greenfly.

Are pests getting the better of your garden this summer? Do you want to recruit some natural predators to help you win the war? You can find much more useful advice in our Controlling Summer Pests article.


Need Further Help?

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