Top Tips For The Autumn Season

Autumn is a great time to harvest your bumper crops, prepare your garden for colder weather and plan for the next season. Here are our Gardening Angels' top tips to keep your gardens and greenhouses looking luscious during this colourful season.

Harvest, Harvest, Harvest

Apple Fruit Picking Tool

Harvest plants as soon as they are ready. It’s the best way to enjoy their full flavour and encourage further crops to ripen!

Early fruiting varieties of apples will be ready to harvest so eat immediately as they tend not to keep very well. Save time and your back with a handy Fruit Tree picker. Perfect for picking hard to reach apples without bruising them.

Herbs - Basil

Cut a few herbs from your plot or Herb Planter. Dry them with a handy Herb Dryer and enjoy flavoursome herbs all through the winter.

Collect a few seeds from your favourite plants, ready for sowing in your propagators for the next season. Make sure they are dry before storing them in an air tight container or seed storage tin. Click here and read our top tips for saving seeds.

Choose the Right Plant Frost Protection

Plant Frost Protection Fleece cover and pot cover

With winter just around the corner, it’s time to prepare for the inevitable frost. A gardening frost fleece, also known as horticultural fleece, will shelter your plants from the harsh weather, whilst still allowing air, water and light to reach the plant.

A 35gsm Frost Fleece Blanket is perfect for any trees, soft fruit bushes, planters, vegetable patches or ground cover.

For potted plants, a Plant Frost Protection Cover and Plant Pot Cover will provide sufficient protection from frosts.

For smaller plants in planters, such as strawberries, consider covering with a Cloche and an additional layer of frost fleece to provide ever further support.

A Maxi Fleece Protection Cover is ideal for protecting any shrubs, hanging baskets, border plants or specimen plants.

There’s Still Time to Grow

Self Watering Salad & Veg Planter

It’s not too late to grow a few home grown veggies. Lettuce, salad leaves, winter spinach and Chinese cabbages can all be sown directly outside in early September. It’s also a great time to plant garlic bulbs and onion sets ready for a spring harvest.

If temperatures start to get a little colder, cover your salad and veg with a Garden Cloche, Growing Dome or Extra Thick Gardening Fleece.

If you’re growing in your Salad & Veg Planter, add a few extra layers and transform into a mini greenhouse. Perfect for protecting plants from frosts, slugs & snails and allowing you to continue to grow salads & herbs outdoors all year.

Plant Bulbs

Plant Daffodil Bulbs

Plant indoor bulbs such as prepared Hyacinths now and get ready to enjoy gorgeous flowers at Christmas time.

If you’re planning ahead for spring, plant a few spring flowering bulbs such as Daffodils, Crocuses and Snowdrops in pots & borders. Click here to read our bulb planting guide for more top tips.

Keep It Clean

Handy Leaf Pickers - clear fallen leaves

Clean your gardening tools with a disinfectant solution or Organic Gardening Soap. This will help to avoid the spread of bacteria to healthy plants.

Autumn is a great time to rid your garden of weeds which can grow quickly and will compete with your plants for valuable moisture. Continually deal with them through the autumn to prevent build up and help keep your plants moist.

Clear up fallen leaves and other dead materials to prevent disease spreading and remove potential shelter for garden pests. Crop chomping Slugs & Snails particularly are still active and love hiding in piles of garden waste.

You can use the collected leaves to make your own compost over winter. You can then use this to make a leaf mould, perfect for using as mulch to enrich the soil in your borders in spring.

Give Visiting Wildlife a Helping Hand

Hogilo Hedgehog House

Birds and mammals such as hedgehogs can suffer in the colder months as food and water can be in short supply.

Give them a warm, safe place to feed & hibernate and they’ll repay you by keeping our gardens looking gorgeous by controlling unwanted pests such as slugs.

Let There Be Light!

Geopod Heated Propagator with Grow Lights

Extend your growing season with a handy set of Propagation Lights & light the way for your seedlings & plants on those dark autumn mornings.

Prevent leggy seedling growth with our propagation lights & grow healthy, sturdy seedlings. Seedlings become leggy when they have insufficient access to light, so they stretch to get closer to the light source.

When seedlings put their energy into stretching they can’t focus energy on growing healthy, thick stems, so they become leggy. A leggy seedling has a tendency to collapse and will develop into a weaker, less productive mature plant more susceptible to pests and disease.

Keep On Top Of Weeding

Weeding Fork

Nobody likes a weed, especially your prized plants! Cooling temperatures and autumn rains will be speeding up growth of pesky weeds which will be fighting with your plants for valuable moisture.

Stop weeds in their tracks and pull up any flowering weeds as you see them by hand or with a handy Weeding Fork. They’ll still be small enough to deal with quickly and you’ll be thankful in spring when they can become a real menace.

And Finally….

Nutrigrow Award Winning Plant Food

Treat your plants to some Award Winning Nutrigrow Plant food and make sure your plants receive the right balance of nutrients for improved health, speed of growth and flower/fruit production.

Click here and see more of our favourite Autumn Gardening Essentials.

Need further help?

Our Gardening Angels are here to help you grow strong, healthy plants with bumper harvests. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions on 0845 602 3774 or drop us an email at . We’re always here to help!

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