Best Time to Take Plant Cuttings

Grow 10 new plants from each chrysanthemum plant with the hydropod propagator

Growing more plants from taking cuttings of your favourite plants is a brilliant way to re-stock your garden for free. If you’re considering growing plants from cuttings then you will need to think about what type of cuttings you would like to propagate and also the best time of year for propagation.

When to Take Your Plant Cuttings

March - April: Spring is a great time to take plant cuttings from shrubs such as Hydrangeas, Fuchsia and forsythias and ornamental bedding plants including Pansies & Busy Lizzies to be ready to plant up in May.

March - July: Early spring to early summer is the key time for taking soft herb plant cuttings such as Lavender, Mint, Rosemary, Basil, and Lemon Balm. This is also a great time for taking hardwood cuttings of berry plants such as gooseberries and blackberries.

Top tips for taking Plant Cuttings

1) Take several cuttings from each shrub to increase your chance of success. Label if you’re making several varieties.

2) Ensure the soil is moist throughout this time but be careful not to over-water as rotting is a common problem. Once the cuttings have rooted, harden them off and pot them individually into new pots.
3) If you are propagating your plant cuttings in soil the check for roots by gently tugging at the plants after several weeks. If they have rooted then there should be some resistance. Cuttings will typically develop roots in 6-10 weeks.
4) If you are using the Hydropod propagator you can see the roots growing because there is no soil so there is no need to pull on your plants

Plant Cuttings with roots

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