Growing Chillies - Common Growing Problems

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Chilli trouble shooting guide

Dropped chilli flowers? Blossom end rot? Banish them and other chilli growing problems with our chilli growing trouble shooting guide! (ohh and a Chilligrow Planter might help too!)

Flower Drop

Flower Drop - Chilli Growers Trouble Shooting Guide

Symptoms Dropped flowers before chilli pods formed.

Cause Over watering, over feeding, lack of pollination, unstable temperature control..

Prevention / Cure  Attract bees or give flowers a gentle shake or brush from flower to flower. Adjust watering, ensure soil is moist but not wet. Check dose rate on your feed. Ventilate during the day and provide insulation at night.

Powdery Mildew

Powdery Mildew - Chilli Growers Trouble Shooting Guide

Symptoms Powdery white growth on leaves. Yello and brown patches on leaves. Dropped leaves.

Cause Warm temperatures and high humidity. Wind and rain splash can spread spores.

Prevention / Cure Remove and destroy affected leaves. Mulch to reduce water stress. Prune out infected shoots. Improve ventilation and spacing between plants. Use Essence leaf-disease cure.

Bacterial Leaf Spot (Pseudomonas)

Bacterial Leaf Spot - Chilli Growers Trouble Shooting Guide

Symptoms Small brown spots and holes.

Cause Splashed water/soil containing bacteria.

Prevention / Cure Water plants slowly to avoid splashing. Increase ventilation and space between plants. Check watering levels, soil should be moist but not wet.

Blossom End Rot

Blossom End Rot - Chilli Growers Trouble Shooting Guide

Symptoms Dark patches at the lower end of the chilli, which gradually widens and deepens.

Cause Calcium deficiency, caused either by uneven watering, high humidity, cold soil or trace element deficiency.

Prevention / Cure Remove affected chillies. Correct the soil with a horticultural mulch mat to reduce evaporation or use a self-watering planter. Increase ventilation. Take care not plant-out too soon to avoid cold soil.

Leaf Burn

Leaf Burn - Chilli Growers Trouble Shooting Guide

Symptoms Pale brown/white patches in splash formations or concentrated around leaf endges. Commonly on lower leaves. Affected leaves become thin and papery.

Cause Water splashes on leaves combined with the sun's rays act like a magnifying glass on the leaf, concentrating the sun onto small areas of the leaf.

Prevention / Cure Water early in the morning or evening. Water slowly to avoid splashing leaves.

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