Make a Christmas wreath from garden cuttings

Greenhouse Sensation Make your own Christmas Wreath

Make a Christmas wreath from garden cuttings
When cutting back your plants in December, use the cuttings to make Christmas decorations – they are perfect for wreathes!

What you need:
-  Florists foam
-  Foliage
-  Decorations
-  Sharp scissors or florist's shears
-  Wire

The base of the wreath should be a ring of florists foam. These are available in different sizes, the larger rings are best suited to hanging on the wall or door, and smaller rings look great as table decorations.

Yew and holly make the best foliage for wreaths, but all evergreen clippings are suitable. Try to collect the foliage from a few different plants so that the wreath has a variety of textures and colours - variegated leaves make great points of interest on the finished wreath. Select foliage with berries to add to the colour of the wreath, and rosemary or thyme will bring a delightful scent to a room.

Add pine cones, nuts, silk flowers, ribbon and coloured branches from shrubs such as dogwood. If you have any late chillies in your greenhouse these also make great additions to any wreath.

Making your wreath
-  Soak the florists foam ring in water until saturated before assembling the wreath. Whilst the ring is soaking, trim the foliage into 5 - 10cm lengths. You may need to remove some of the leaves close to the base of the cutting.
-  Insert the cuttings into the foam starting with the darker pieces as these make a good background for the more colourful pieces. Aim for an even distribution of colour across the wreath and insert the foliage at an angle rather than vertically or horizontally.
-  Flowers and branches which have a stem can be pushed into the foam. Pine cones and chillies will need to be tied into place with wire.
-  Once the wreath is finished, twist some wire around the top to form a hanging loop. Spray the wreath with water every couple of days to keep it looking fresh.

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