Click & Drip Fame - Kitchen Garden Magazine

Our Gardening Angels are super chuffed as Kitchen Garden Magazine take a hands-on look at our Click & Drip watering kit with automatic timer in their "What's In The Box?" product review. Watch their short video and learn more.

Our Click & Drip Watering Kits with Garden Water Timer keep plants watered, reduce waste and help prevent problems associated with erratic watering, such as blossom end rot.

The kit's irrigation pipe has dripper holes spaced 30cms apart. The water drips slowly so the roots take the water up instead of it running-off and the dripper holes are designed to not become blocked with soil.

Timing your watering
The timer has... 
10 watering duration options from 1 minute to 120 minutes
11 watering frequency options from every hour to every week

Drip Rate
From a Waterbutt Tap - 180ml of water released per drip hole per hour. 
From an Outdoor Tap
1 litre of water released per drip hole per hour.

- Automates your watering
- Reduces water waste 

- Simple to install
- Extension kits available

A 10m kit will water a 1.5m x 1.5m area
A 15m kit will water a 2.5m x 2m area.
Extension kits are available for larger areas - see Extras & Extensions Kits.

If you’re not sure which size kit, or which extension kit you need contact us 0845 602 3774 or 

Optional Extras:

Extensions - Easy to extend - For larger areas or multiple raised beds add Click & Drip Extras & Extensions Kits.
Waterbutt Tap 
The water butt Click & Drip connects to a hozelock type waterbutt tap. If your waterbutt does not have one of these you can add one to your order