Growing Vegetables In Containers - April Planting Guide

Benefits of growing in containers - Quadgrow PlanterTemperatures are rising & plants have better access to light, making April a great time for growing fruit and vegetables in containers and if you’re short of space, it’s a fun and space efficient way to grow your own crops.

Growing in containers is a fantastically versatile way of growing, allowing gardeners to grow indoors, in greenhouses or yards. Smart planters, such as our Plant Guardian Planters, produce healthier plants and 2x bigger harvests by providing plants with constant access to water without ever over-watering.

Here’s our Gardening Angels top tips for container growing this April:

TomatoesGrowing Tomatoes in Containers - Quadgrow

Gardening Angels’ Favourite Varieties: Sungold, Cristal, Indigo Rose, Sakura, Country Taste

Recommended Container: Vivigrow, Quadgrow or Duogrow

How to Grow: Sow seeds thinly into your container and cover with around 0.5 to 1cm of compost. Tomatoes need to grow in temperatures of at least 18°C to germinate.

Water your tomatoes to ensure the compost is moist but not saturated. Using a Plant Guardian Planter will keep tomatoes perfectly watered.

When to Harvest: June - October

Gardening Angels’ Top Tips: Tomatoes produce thicker skins in hot summers as they struggle to take up enough water and nutrients consistently.

Growing in a Plant Guardian Planter ensures plants constantly have the access they require: so no more tough tomatoes!

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Growing Chillies in containers - ChilligrowChillies

Gardening Angels’ Favourite Varieties: 7 Pot Yellow, Joe’s Long, Lemondrop, Friars Hat

Recommended Container: Chilligrow or Vivigrow

How to Grow: Chillies require temperatures between 18 and 22°C to germinate. Sow seeds thinly and cover with around 1cm of finely sieved compost. When watering, keep compost moist but not saturated.

Chillies benefit from consistent watering, so growing with a Chilligrow will eliminate the risk of over or underwatering.

When to Harvest:  July onwards

Gardening Angels’ Top Tips: Place seeds into a bowl of warm water overnight before sowing to speed up germination. The moisture lets seeds know that they are safe and ready to start growing.

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Growing Potatoes in Containers - Quadgrow root VegMaincrop Potatoes

Gardening Angels’ Favourite Varieties: Rooster, Sante, Maxine, Desiree

Recommended Container: Quadgrow Root Veg Planter

How to Grow: After chitting your potatoes for around 6 weeks, plant 2-5 of your potatoes per pot. Place the potatoes around the edge of the container and cover with around 10cm of compost.

Whenever shoots rises 10cm out of the compost, add more compost so that only 4cm is showing.

When to Harvest:  August-September (16 weeks from planting)

Gardening Angels’ Top Tips: By planning ahead, you can ensure you have the spuds you want when you want them; so plant around 16 weeks prior to your desired harvest date.

Once you have harvested your spuds, store them in a hessian sack to keep them fresh for longer.

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Growing Carrots in containersCarrots

Gardening Angels’ Favourite Varieties: F1 Maestro, Nantes Early, Autumn King 2, Purple Sun

Recommended Container: Quadgrow Root Veg Planter

How to Grow: Create shallow furrows in the compost and sow 10-15 seeds per furrow. Carrots thrive in hot conditions. Water every 7-14 days as appropriate.

When to Harvest:  August-September (16 weeks from sowing)

Gardening Angels’ Top Tips: Carrots like to grow in crowded environments, so when you are thinning out seedlings make sure you don’t remove too many!

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Grow your own basil in containers - herbgrowBasil

Gardening Angels’ Favourite Varieties: Sweet Green, Lemonade, Classico

Recommended Container: Herbgrow

How to Grow: Sow seeds thinly into your container and cover with around 0.5 – 1cm of fine compost. Basil benefits from at least 4 hours of sunlight per day.

When to Harvest:  August-September (16 weeks from planting)

Gardening Angels’ Top Tips: Basil acts as a companion plant for Chillies & Tomatoes. Sow basil seeds alongside your chillies and pests will be drawn to them; meaning larger chilli & tomato harvests!

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How to grow lettuce in containers - SaladgrowLettuce

Gardening Angels’ Favourite Varieties: Little Gem, Webbs Wonderful, Tom Thumb, Grand Rapids

Recommended Container: Salad & Veg Planter

How to Grow: Sow seeds on top of your compost then cover with a fine compost and water in. It is very important for your lettuce to have good access to light and they are not growing in a humid environment.

When to Harvest: June - August

Gardening Angels’ Top Tips: When selecting which variety of lettuce to grow, try to pick a variety with good mildew resistance, as this will ensure a healthier crop.

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Grow your own turnips in containers -Greenhouse SensationTurnips

Gardening Angels’ Favourite Varieties: Purple Top Milan, Monarch, Oasis, Snowball

Recommended Container: Quadgrow Root Veg Planter

How to Grow: Sow between 15 & 20 seeds per pot, leaving a distance of10cm between seeds, then cover with 1cm of compost. Turnips enjoy growing in damp compost so make sure they are well watered.

Using a Plant Guardian Pot will ensure your turnips are kept perfectly watered.

When to Harvest:  May – July

Gardening Angels’ Top Tips: Turnips can be grown from February right through to August, however they prefer the cooler soil & growing conditions in April, making it an ideal time to start sowing!

Grow your own Peppers - Greenhouse SensationCrop: Sweet Peppers

Gardening Angels’ Favourite Varieties: F1 Jumbo, Corno di toro rosso, Corno di toro giallo, Big Red

Recommended Container: Quadgrow or Duogrow

How to Grow: Requires growing temperatures between 18 - 21°C. Sow seeds between 0.5 – 1cm deep and cover with finely sieved compost. Keep compost damp but not saturated. Can grow very tall, so ensure support frames or canes are in place to support growth.

When to Harvest:  August – October

Gardening Angels’ Top Tips: By placing tin foil around the base of your plants, you will reflect light back up onto your plants, encouraging healthy growth.

The benefits of Container Growing in a Self Watering Planter

As container gardening opens up the freedom to grow anywhere, you can expand your growing space and grow even more varieties.

From windowsill Herbgrow Planters to our Best-Selling Quadgrow Planter, our clever self watering pPlanters release water to the plants when they need it so they're never thirsty or waterlogged. The result is typically 2x bigger harvests than pots & growbags.

Duogrow Planter - Grow your own chillies and tomatoesEach of the pots contains FeederMats which pull water from the planter’s SmartReservoir (which sits below the pots) into the soil when the plants need it for up to 2 weeks at a time. The roots have better access to oxygen, water and nutrients fuelling faster growth and bigger harvests.

With the right temperatures and access to light, you can grow in containers indoors the whole year round. This allows gardeners to start growing earlier in the year, giving them a head start and allowing them to produce bumper harvests in the summer.

If you have any more questions about growing in container, or if you’d like to know more about which fruit and veg you can grow in your Plant Guardian Pots, please feel free to give our Gardening Angels a call on 0845 602 3774 or drop us an email at We’re always happy to help!