How To Help Wild Birds In Your Garden this Spring!

Wildlife Friendly Garden

Birds can be a gardener’s best friend as they are a natural predator of common garden pests, so attracting them is the perfect way to save money on pest control measures. Give wild birds in your garden a helping hand by providing them with a safe home and a 5-star meal.

By attracting our fluttering friends to your garden, they’ll repay you by munching on troublesome slugs, snails and insects.

Top Fact: Did you know different birds prey on different creatures? For example, blue tits, robins and magpies love to munch on insects, whilst song thrush and black birds prefer the taste of slugs and snails!

Feed the Birds – Tuppence a Bag!

Bird Feeders - Helping Garden Wildlife

The fastest way to attract birds to your garden is to pop some bird food out. They’ll be especially grateful in times when food is scarce during spring and winter.

Keep birds well fed with fatty foods such as fat balls or even create your own Home Made Bird Cake with lard and packed with seeds to help birds keep their energy levels up between meals.

Not all birds like to feed from hanging bird feeders. Brighten up your plant pots with a colourful Bird Feeder Cup and keep them topped up with some tasty bird food. If you’re not too squeamish pop some dried meal worms and give visiting birds a real treat.

Help birds dine in peace away from sneaky cats and predators with a hanging bird feeder. Our Gardening Angels love this Bird Fruit Feeder. It’s perfect for feeding birds with fat balls, fruit or kitchen scraps thanks to its rust less skewer and its handy foot rest means birds can perch while they eat and quickly escape predators!

Read our Bird Feeding FAQ for more top tips.

Give Birds A Place To Bathe And Drink

Helping Wild Birds In Your Garden - Giving Birds Water and A Place to Wash

Birds whose diets mainly consist of seeds will particularly need to drink plenty of water as their diet is very dry. Place a shallow dish of water or a larger shallow dish outside so they have easy access to fresh water.

Create your own bird bath and watering hole for birds by adding a stone in the middle of a plant saucer with a textured finish so birds can grip to the edge.

Don’t forget to place your bird bath where birds have clear visibility as they bathe and drink, with bushes or trees nearby to provide cover if they are alarmed and perches to use when preening.

Fact for Bathing Birds: Did you know birds needs water to keep their feathers in good condition to help keep them insulated on cold nights?


Treat Birds To A Rent Free Luxury Bird House

Luxury Bird Houses - Helping Garden WildlifeIf you're a master at wood work and a dab hand with a hammer, why not make your own bird house with this Handy RSPB Guide and create a luxury home for wild birds visiting your garden.

If you’re short on time, then visiting birds will adore this Triple Action Bird House. This gorgeous nesting box is an all in-one nesting box and bird feeder.

The entrance size can be changed to attract different species of birds. As an added bonus you can remove the front of the nesting box at the end of the nesting season and transform it into a bird feeder!

If you’re a fan of blue tits and great tits then use the nesting box intact. If you’re looking to attract wrens and robins then remove the top panel to make it open-fronted.

Top Tips When Helping Wild Birds

Top Tips On Feeding Wild Birds In Your Garden

1 – Don’t put out more than one or two of the same type of nesting box in your garden

2 – Make sure your Bird Nesting Box is in a quiet part of your garden

3 - Robins love nesting in weird and wonderful artificial nesting sites. Place an old jug, kettle or teapot on a shrub or tree. Make sure the spout is placed down for drainage.

Want To Do More To Make Your Garden Wildlife Friendly?

If you’re a lover of the birds and the bees and all things wildlife related then why not take a look at our hand-picked Wildlife Habitats and Feeders from homes for cute Hedgehogs to Towers For Ladybirds.

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