Deluxe Thermostat Controller for Vitopod Propagator

Deluxe Thermostat Controller for Vitopod Propagator

The award-winning Vitopod heated propagator has been updated with a new deluxe thermostat controller.

Our deluxe thermostat has several features which make the Vitopod even more robust and enjoyable to use.

1) Illuminated screen with larger digits

Read the target and actual temperature without squinting, even in the glare of the sun or in poor light.

2) Automatic screen saver

The digital display turns off after 1 minute of non-use, to reduce energy use.

3) Heating indicator

See at a glance whether the Vitopod is warming up, reassures gardeners that everything is working correctly.

4) Upgraded seals

Dramatic temperature changes can cause thermostats to expand and allow water ingress when humidity levels are high. The new Vitopod thermostat has waterproof seals to prevent this.

5) Heavy-duty temperature sensor

Faster response to temperature changes, and a waterproof rating of IP68 which will withstand prolonged immersion in water. Sensor wire length 1.8metres.

6) Robust hanging loop

for safely placing the thermostat at viewing height.

The Vitopod, which is made in Lancashire by Greenhouse Sensation, has been a best seller and award-winner since its launch in 2006. It has won fans and accolades for its even heat, accurate temperature control and stylish design. It was named Best Buy Propagator by several magazines including BBC Gardeners’ World, Grow Your Own and Garden Answers.

Never ones to rest on past successes, two years ago Greenhouse Sensation’s team of experienced horticulturalists decided it was time to try to improve the Vitopod by making use of customer feedback and advances in technology and manufacturing.

The key benefits of the Vitopod propagator remain the same, it still transforms into a mini greenhouse, delivers even heat, has a digital thermostat accurate to 1°C, a temperature range of 5°C to 30°C and shows the target and actual propagator temperature.

Used with the lids directly on the base the Vitopod is a highly efficient seed raising propagator, with the layer in place it gives seedlings more space and with an optional extra height extension the Vitopod is transformed into a mini greenhouse providing gentle heat while you wait for the weather to warm up enough for planting out.

The lower temperature settings and the height extensions also make the Vitopod ideal for protecting exotics such as ferns, orchids and canna from harsh winter conditions without having to heat the entire greenhouse.

Made in England by Greenhouse Sensation
2 year guarantee