Garden Water Timer

The timer connects to our Click & Drip irrigation kits to automatically water your plants.

• Attaches directly to your Click & Drip irrigation kit.
• 10 watering duration options from 1 minute to 120 minutes.
• 11 watering frequency options from once per hour to once per week.

Example Settings

1) Water daily at 6:00am and 6:00pm for 10 minutes each watering.
2) Water every 4 hours for 1 minute each watering.

Automatic Garden Water Timer - Click & DripAutomatic Garden Water Timer - Click & Drip

This garden water timer is perfect for use with our Click & Dip For Water butt and Click & Drip For Mains Tap drip irrigation kits.

Note: The timer requires 2 x AA batteries - not included.