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Hydropod Cuttings Propagator Features On BBC Gardeners’ World

We’re over the moon our Hydropod Cuttings Propagator has been featured on BBC’s Gardeners' World. Watch this short video to see our Hydropod in action and see some fabulous progress after just 2 weeks!

Why buy the Vitopod?

The Vitopod Heated Propagator is loved by hobby and professional growers, and was even voted 'Best Buy Propagator' by BBS Gardeners World magazine - it truly is one of the most popular and widely acclaimed heated propagators out there!

Grow FREE plants with Hydropod

Grow new plants from existing ones with our Hydropod Cuttings Propagator.

The Geopod Story

Our Geopod Heated Propagator with Lights is perfect for seeds and cuttings. Light and heat are spread evenly creating healthy growth and preventing legginess.

How high can a Vitopod go?

Just how high will a Vitopod go? Watch our video to see the limit! The Vitopod Heated Propagator has been dubbed the Rolls Royce of Propagators and is the perfect mini-greenhouse.

Assembling Vitopod Lights Support Kit

Attach lights to your existing Vitopod Propagator with this easy to use kit. Available with and without lights. Gardening Angel Victoria shows us how easy it is to set them up!

Setting Up Propagation Lights with a Vitopod Propagator

We show you how to hang your propagation lights above a vitopod propagator

Setting up your Vitopod Heated Propagator

Setting up your Vitopod Heated Propagator is very exciting, whether it is your first or your 21st one! We tasked the newest member of the team, Gardening Angel Victoria, to setting up both the 50w and the 100w Vitopod!

The Vitopod Story

'Best Buy Propagator' BBC Gardeners' World At the top of every gardener's wish list. Award-winning, height adjustable and precise. Available in 50w or 100w with prices from £120.

About the Vitopod

Our Vitopod Heated propagator has won many awards because it provides the perfect environment for seeds, cuttings and over-wintered plants.

Vitopod Review - Kitchen Garden magazine

Tony and Steve were delighted to take a look at this Vitopod Propagator with Lights from Greenhouse Sensation. This is a heated model and comes with a thermostat and growing lights, so perfect if you want to get sowing early in the year – tomatoes or chilli plants, for example, which require both heat and light if you’re starting off in January or February.

Growing cuttings in a Vitopod

Theres nothing more rewarding than growing your plants from seeds or cuttings. Why not try growing more plants for free by taking cuttings from late March to August. Watch our Gardening Angel demonstrate how to effectively propagate cuttings.

Vitopod Propagator Lighting Kits

Attach lights to your existing Vitopod Propagators with our new easy to use lights supports kits. Our lighting kit is secure, bright, efficient and height adjustable. It's the perfect way to ensure fast, reliable, healthy growth, without legginess. Available with and without lights.