Extend your Season with Grow Lights

Sunblaster Grow Lights

Without sufficient lighting, plants are more susceptible to disease and leggy growth, which is a real problem when you start growing early.

Ensure your seeds and plants receive the correct lighting with a propagation light. Our Propagation Lights emit a high-output light that emulates natural daylight that can trick your plant into continued growth.

Leggy growth occurs when plants are struggling to reach light, so will focus their energy on growing taller rather than wider, meaning they are unable to support their own weight.

Using a propagation light is the perfect way to both extend your growing season later into the year and begin growing sooner.

Grow Lights

The Sunblaster grow lights feature a unique Nanotech enhanced reflector to ensure plants receive the maximum level of light. Whilst a standard reflective cover will increase lumen availability by around 80%, the Sunblaster’s Nanotech enhanced reflector increases lumen availability by 300%, ensuring 99.9% of the generated light is retained.

You can suspend your lights above your propagators with the use of heavy duty light hangers.

Geopod With Propagation Lights

Plants can suffer if the lights are too hot, however the Sunblaster’s Nanotech enhanced reflector allows heat to escape from the lamp; meaning you can get this close without any risk to your plants!

Even the lamps have been optimised for the propagation grow lights. The lamps feature a “Cold Chamber”, implemented to ensure the contained mercury gas is kept at the most efficient operating temperature, allowing the lamps to produce the highest possible light output.

Duogrow Holiday Proof Planter with Grow LightsThese propagation lights will not flicker, will not emit sound and only weigh 100g. They are easy to install & move and can even be linked together in chains of up to 8 lights. The customisation options available are ideal for fully utilising your growing space.

Need Further Help?

If you have any questions about propagation lighting or which lights would be best for your electric propagator, please feel free to call us on 0845 602 3774 or email us at info@greenhousesensation.co.uk. Our Gardening Angels are always happy to help!