Father's Day Gifts - For Every Type of Gardener

Our gardening gifts are ideal for Father’s Day. Whether your dad is a thrifty allotment gardener or a luxury-loving prized rose grower, we have a gardening gift for him. This Father’s Day wow your dad with a gift he will love.

How to choose a Father’s Day gardening gift:

For allotment-loving Dads 

Seed Sowing Hopper £27.00

Father's Day Gift - Seed Sowing Hopper £27.00

 The Super Seeder is suitable for sowing all types of vegetables. The seeder has an adjustable furrow depth to suit all seed types.

Insert the appropriate disc for your vegetable seed to set the sowing distance and select from the 3 different sowing depths. The Super Seeder is a must for allotment growers and is suitable for sowing all types of vegetables.

Seed Sowing Rule £19.99

Father's Day Gifts - Seed Space Rule

Take the guesswork out of seed spacing with this handy rule with seed sowing holes along its length, markings for the correct spacing for different veg so you don’t have to keep consulting your planting manual and metric and 

  Not only will all your seeds be equally and correctly spaced, they’ll also be in a straight line and your plot will be the envy of all. An excellent tool if you take pride in your work.imperial markings.

Tool & Tuck Tins £24.99

Father's Day Gifts - Tool and Tuck Tin


This stylish and sturdy 'Tool & Tuck Tin' is an ideal gift for gardeners.

The sliding compartment in the lid is for lunch and the larger main compartment is for all the other gardening essentials. No need for separate tool and lunch boxes. 

 Available in Blue or Burgundy. 



For rose growing Dads

Rose Pruner £18.99

Father's Day Gift - Rose Pruner

 This ingenious bypass cutter is ideal for thorny stemmed or skin irritant plants, from roses and brambles to rue/ruta.

 When the pruner is squeezed close the grip locks onto the stem, holding it firmly in place until release, without having to ever touch the stem.

Thorn Stripper £7.99

Father's Day Gifts - Thorn Stripper

 Removes thorns quickly and cleanly. A must-have for any rose grower.



Florists Hamper from £46.00

 Available in a Standard or Deluxe size, these hampers are beautifully presented in a wicker hamper and is packed full of treats.

Both kits include Florist's Shears with super tough high carbon steel blades perfect for slicing through fibrous & thin stems, hard or soft like butter

Father's Day Gift - Florist Hampers

Also includes Organic Gardener's Soap, wildflower seeds and leather secateurs holsters. 

Upgrade to the Deluxe Florist Kit to also receive a fabulous pair of high-quality leather gardening gloves featuring a long suede leather cuff to protect against scratches as you work in your garden, allotment or greenhouse.


 For tomato growing Dads

Duogrow Planter £33.00

Father's Day Gifts - Duogrow Planter

This gorgeous 2 pot-planter is our best-looking Plant Guardian and is ideal for all tall-cropping plants such as tomatoes, beans, aubergines, chillies and peas.

SmartReservoir holds 25 litres to keep plants watered for up to 14 days.

The FeederMats will pull water up from the SmartReservoir when the plants need it, keeping the soil perfectly watered for 2-weeks at a time without over-watering.The Duogrow is easy to use. Place the FeederMats in the pots, add compost and plants, and fill the Duogrow SmartReservoir that sits below the pots.  

Father's Day Gift - Grow Bag Watering Kit


 Grow Bag Watering Kit from £20.00

Keeping plants perfectly watered in a grow bag can be tricky, however, our automatic watering system is the answer to your prayers.

The kit includes everything you need and slowly waters your plants. Plus there is an option with a timer so you can control the amount of watering for your plants. 


Epic Tomatoes £15.00

Father's Day Gift - Epic Tomatoes

This comprehensive guide covers sowing, planting, cultivation, pest prevention and seed saving.



For Dads who get muddy

Muddy Boot Remover £29.99

Clean boots and take them off easily with this bootjack.

Father's Day Gift - Classic Cast Iron Bootjack

By placing the heel in the jack taking off shoes and especially boots becomes a breeze.

On top of that it is supplied with two brushes so you clean the sides of the boots.  


Knee Pads £14.99

Father's Day Gift - Knee Pads


The set of Gardeners Knee Pads wipe clean, so can even be used in muddy conditions! 


Soft Tweed Gloves £17.00

Father's Day Gift - Tweed Gloves

These tweed gloves are hard-wearing yet ultra-soft and do not stiffen after drying.

The 2-way stretch mesh material between the fingers regulates temperature and helps with dexterity while the elastane-rich backs enhance dexterity and fit.


Back-Saver gifts because you love your Dad!

Father's Day Gift - Tool Bag & Seat


Gardening Tool Bag & Seat £20.00

Includes stool and detachable tool bag! Available in Green or Tan.

Saves backs and knees while weeding and store your tools – brilliant!


Wonder Weeder £19.99

Father's Day Gift - Wonder Weeder

 It recently won the GLEE Best Product Award for Tools and Machinery and is now up to win this year’s RHS Chelsea Garden Product of the Year.

To eliminate backache, it’s been designed for use standing up, and it also features an addictively satisfying weed ejector button!


For wildlife loving Dads

Wildflower Gift Box £40.00

Give the gift of a wildflower garden that will attract birds, butterflies and bees with this gorgeous hamper which fits through a letterbox. 

Father-s Day Gift - Wildflower Gift Box


Each Seedball tin contains enough seeds for 3 or 4 medium pots or a square metre space. So this gift will fill up to 24 pots or 6 square metres of garden space.


 Ladybird Tower £12.00

Fill this hollow tower with straw to provide insulation and you'll be sure to attract plenty of ladybirds.

Father's Day Gift - Ladybird Tower


The ladybird tower comes with a ground pole so it can be stuck in the ground or a pot.


Bumblebee Nester £40.00

This lovely handmade wooden habitat will encourage bumblebees to nest in your garden. 

Father's Day Gift - Bumblebee Nester

The sliding lid allows you to have a look inside the box to observe the colony and vent holes in the rear of box prevent condensation.