FAQ - Feeding Wild Birds In Your Garden

Feeding Wild Birds From Spring To Winter

There’s nothing more rewarding than Make sure wild birds receive the right foods at the right time of year and keep them visiting your plot. Here are our top tips for feeding birds through the seasons:

Feeding Birds From Spring to Winter

Feeding Birds in Spring & Summer

If you’re feeding birds with peanuts make sure they are iin a mesh container, from which only small pieces can be taken.

During dry spells put soft foods out such as fruit and grated cheese for blackbirds and thruses.

Feeding Birds in Autumn & Winter

If you start feeding visiting birds in the autumn, make sure you carry on through winter. As temperatures decrease food will become increasingly vital for wild birds with access to seeds, fruit and insects become hard for them to find.

Birds tend to burn up their energy stores very quickly in order to keep warm.

Make sure food is available during the morning and in the evening, especially in winter to help keep them warm.

Top Tip - 5 Star Menu For Birds

1 - Birds Love Kitchen Scraps – Cake, Cheese, Cooked Potato, Currants, Fruit, mealworms, Unsalted Nuts, dry porridge oats, suet, sunflower seeds, sultanas.

2 – Say No To Coconuts – desiccated coconut can swell inside a bird’s tummy, however fresh coconut is ok.

3 – Moisten Up Bread – If you’re feeding birds bread, make sure you moisten it up first

Read our Guide on Caring For Wild Birds for more top tips.

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