Bees and butterflies are highly effective pollinators. Our solitary bee logs, butterfly habitats, bee houses, wildflower packs and bee food are effective ways to attract bees and butterflies to your garden or veg plot. The bees and butterflies will pollinate your flowers, fruit and vegetable, increasing production and you'll be doing your bit for the eco-system.

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  • Butterfly Food With Vitamins - £4.10

    Butterfly Food


  • Award Winning Bee & Bug House - From £22.50

    Bee & Ladybird Houses


  • Kitchen Worktop Compost Bin - £23.00

    Kitchen Compost Bin - Green

    Regular Price: £25.00

    Special Price £20.00

  • Cream Herb Plant Pots With Drip Proof Tray - £18.00

    Herb Pots in a Tray - Cream

    Regular Price: £20.00

    Special Price £18.00

  • Florists' Shear

    Florist's Shear


  • Pack of 50 wooden seedling labels

    Wooden Labels


  • Sophie Conran Galvanised Trug

    Metal Trug


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