Garden Watering Videos

Solar Powered Watering

Our solar powered irrigation kit waters plants more when the sun shines more! The kit connects to a water butt and includes either 12 or 24 drippers.

Automatic Garden Water Timer - Click & Drip

For holiday-proof watering - just set the duration and frequency of the watering sessions. Reliable automatic watering of grow bags, borders, raised beds and pots.

Automatic Growbag Watering Kit

Waters grow bags for up to 10 days! Automatically waters your growbags even when you're on holiday.

Click & Drip Automatic Plant Watering Systems

Save water with a drought-approved Click & Drip Irrigation kit. Designed to keep vegetable plants and ornamental plants perfectly watered without wasting a drop.

Click & Drip Growbag Watering Kit

Our Gardening Angel Paul has been having too much fun with our Click & Drip watering Kits for Growbags. It makes it super easy to keep growbags watered, even while you're off on your holidays.

Click & Drip Watering Kit For Growbags Plant Watering Essentials

The Click & Drip growbag watering kit waters plants with less waste and less risk of over-watering and under-watering than using a watering can or porous pipe.

Click & Drip Watering Kits - For Outdoor Taps

Click this kit onto your outdoor tap to keep water plants without wasting a drop. You can even use it during a hosepipe ban!

Click & Drip Watering Kits - For Water Butts

Did you know plants watered by hand only take up 10-30% of water? Save water and time with a cost efficient, water saving click and drip watering kit.

Electric Garden Water Timer - Plant Watering Systems

Automatically water your plants with this watering timer. The timer clicks onto your water butt or mains tap and can be connected to any drip irrigation kit including our Click & Drip Watering Kits.

Goodbye Overwatered Plants - Holiday-Proof Plant Watering Tips

Smart gardeners don't let their plants to constantly sit in water! When it comes to watering plants, it can be difficult to know how much water each of your plants requires, when it needs it and, most importantly, when it doesn't need it!

Top 5 hot weather problem solvers for gardeners

Protect your plants in the heat with our Top 5 Hot Weather Problem Solvers! While we all love nothing more than a sunny afternoon spent in the garden, we know that the hot weather can cause plants and gardeners alike a variety of problems.

Growbag Watering Kit

As seen in The Times 'Hi-tech Gadgets For Your Shed'. Waters grow bags slowly and evenly while you get on with other tasks.