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A wildlife-rich garden is a real joy. And when you help hedgehogs, bees, butterflies, ladybirds and wild birds thrive in your garden they will repay you by pollinating your plants and controlling unwanted pests. Many of these wonderful critters are under threat, but whether you have a tiny balcony or acres of orchard to play with, you can still do your bit to help increase their numbers and watch your garden thrive in return. Our wildlife habitats and feeders have been designed and trialled by experts, so you know you’re getting the very best quality.

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  • Insect House - For Beneficial Bugs & Insects - £25.00

    Garden Insect House

  • Insect Hotel - For Beneficial Bugs - £15.00

    Insect Hotel

  • Bee Nester - £19.00 - Garden Wildlife Gifts

    Bee Nester

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    Special Price £19.99

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