Frost Protection

Dealing with frost is a key challenge for gardeners. There’s plenty you can do though. We have an excellent range of high quality horticultural frost fleece, greenhouse heaters and cloches, enabling effective frost protection for plants.

Protecting Plants From Frost Damage And Unpredictable Weather

Frost causes the water in plants cells to freeze, damaging the cell wall, matters are even worse when plants face the morning sun as this causes them to defrost quickly, rupturing their cell walls.

Horticultural fleece, also known as garden fleece cover is particularly useful for protecting shrubs and fruit trees from frost and for warming soil in raised beds and veg plots ahead of sowing seeds or planting. Our heavy-duty frost fleece is double the thickness of most frost fleece, providing protection against lower temperatures. Place garden fleece around palms and other non-hardy plants. In spring also prioritise frost protection for trees with a horticultural frost fleece.

When plants are damaged by frost they look limp and blackened. Evergreen plants will turn brown and the leaves of tender plants may appear translucent. Even hardy plants and tough evergreens can be damaged by prolonged severe cold when soil becomes frozen. This is because the roots are unable to take up water and the plants die from lack of moisture.

When frost is forecast covering your plants retains soil heat and moisture and protects them against strong winds, which can hasten drying and cooling.

The wind can dry out the ground around your bedded plants, so make sure the plants are well hydrated before the storm hits. Check the moisture levels with a Soil Moisture Metre and ensure your plants are never over or under watered

Give bedded plants further protection by firmly embedding a cloche around the plants. To prevent the cloche blowing away, you will ideally want to embed them around 2 inches in the ground with a set of gardening pegs.

Move your potted plants to the safety of a greenhouse or close to walls or fences to minimise the risk of wind damage. Corners are perfect for extra protection from the wind on two fronts.

You can further protect any potted plants from wind damage with Fleece Plant Protection such as a Gardening Fleece or Plant Fleece Jacket, or by moving them to a wall mounted greenhouse which will minimise the impact of drying winds.

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